100 Nightmares

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100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano is a collection of 100 horror stories, each written in exactly 100 words, and accompanied by over 50 illustrations. Inside, you’ll find monsters—both imagined and real. There are vengeful specters, characters with impaired psyches, dark fairy tales and stories and illustrations inspired by bizarre creatures of Japanese folklore. More
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About K.Z. Morano

K.Z. Morano is a writer, a beach bum, and a chocolate addict. She writes anything from romance and erotica to horror and SF, F, and WTF. Her stories have appeared in various publications over the past few months. Her first horror story collection, “100 Nightmares” will be released this April.


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Reviews of 100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano

Ali Phillips reviewed on April 26, 2014

Writing a whole story in only 100 words is no mean feat, but K.Z. Morano's use of nearly every horror-related adjective in the dictionary paints amazingly gruesome images. Her retelling of various fairy tales and nursery rhymes is masterful and was my favourite part - I'll never again hear the words "Hansel and Gretel" without shuddering - while her "Diaries of Bones" section sent chills through me. I even smiled a couple of times, which worried me just a bit!
These stories are perfect when you only have a couple of minutes to spare, although I read this in large chunks. I couldn't stop at just one, I had to discover what horrific scenario was waiting for me over the page.
A word of caution - don't read this over dinner (unless you want to lose it), or while on public transport - your facial expressions might worry your fellow travellers!
A great collection of stories, and beautifully illustrated.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
GRACEY R reviewed on April 26, 2014

i follow K.Z. Morano through her blog and that’s how I discovered her writing. she really is something special and I knew this book is going to be great! 100 Nightmares is a book with more than 50 (I counted) artworks with very chilling concepts related to the stories. you can really see the careful efforts made in creating the book and as a reader I appreciate that.
as for the writing, well it’s spectacular as always! I never expected anything less. Morano possesses such great skill in condensing massive mind-boggling concepts into a few very well-chosen words.
there are fractured fairy tales and they’re my absolute favorites. I’ve read dark fairy tales before but nothing like these. none of the stories were predictable. It’s so hard t tell how this author’s mind works or where she gets the ideas from.
There are so many aspects to her writing. stories inside like “The Collector” disturb, stories like “They Hired a Piper” punch you in the gut, tales like “Spring Finally Came” baffles the mind, pieces like Filth Eater make you laugh (a sinister laugh). But stories like “It’s Cold in Hell”, wow, how they LINGER.
if you’re a fan of horror and think you’ve been desensitized, ha! I highly recommend this book.
The ideas are fresh, the writing is bold and the writer’s voice is very unique.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)
Riya Anne Polcastro reviewed on April 24, 2014

I am not sure if I devoured 100 Nightmares or if it consumed me, but it happened in one sitting nonetheless. K.Z. Morano’s micro-fiction skills are a true page turner that kept me reading through the last story; holding my bladder while I cringed, gasped, and maybe even laughed a little too (so I have a sadistic sense of humor!) It remains to be seen which of Morano’s monsters will visit me in my nightmares tonight. (Did I mention the book is aptly titled?)
What makes this collection of horror stories particularly disturbing is the way the author weaves the familiar with the seemingly unthinkable. Parents, children, twins in utero, she turns them all into believable, shudder invoking beasts. Come to think of it, I’ll be sleeping with one eye open tonight. Even better, Morano twists the fairy tales and nursery rhymes from childhood into spine tingling masterpieces. After experiencing her version, Hansel and Gretel will never read the same again. A haunting bed time story for sure!
Accompanying these nightmares is a superb collection of horrifying art! Many of the pieces are mesmerizing, others are sure to make your skin crawl, and they all connect to the stories seamlessly.
K.Z. Morano’s 100 Nightmares is not to be missed!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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