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After eight long years of bouncing from different foster homes, Beanie, an unassuming orphan girl found herself in a mysterious orphanage, the Laketuh House. While the children there were unfriendly and rude, she noticed that there was something more to them, something unique. Then one day they took her to a place called Laketuh Lake where they entered a magical gate into another world. More
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Words: 56,240
Language: American English
ISBN: 9781310103469
About Kidwoman N.H Lin

Kidwoman is originally from Taiwan but currently lives in sunny Southern California where she works as a graphic designer. Her interest in writing fantasy and children’s stories begun when she fell in love with Harry Potter and teaching art to kids during her spare time. However, being a writer has been one of her dreams since childhood. Hence the pen name Kidwoman. It’s a constant reminder of that dream and to stay young at heart.

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Review By: Nick0821
The Book Trailer for TUH
I think it's a very cute book trailer.

Review by: TiraGP on June 16, 2017 :
The narrative goes along nicely. The main character is interesting and the story is well told, with each chapter introducing new twists and turns, new adventures and more insight into the main character. I enjoyed the fantasy elements and the plot. Nice story!
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Review by: Bege on Dec. 29, 2014 :
I long to offer this story to my non-English eager beaver reading grandchildren. How about it, Kidwoman N H Lin? Get an agent or whatever, and have it offered to foreigners to be translated. Many 'foreign' youngsters now enjoy fantasy. There are passing references to the popular Harry Potter series acting as hooks, and once in the story, I think older preteens and, as jcyc79 says, adults also will love it.
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Review by: jcyc79 on July 31, 2014 :
I just finish reading this book last night and I must say I really enjoy it. It is incredibly creative and touching. It was thrilling to follow Beanie, the main character on her journey of self discovery. I highly recommend this book. Even though it is marketed towards kids, I think people of any age would enjoy this wonderful book.
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Review by: chocobozero on May 25, 2014 :
It's a great book for young adults, but I think children can read it too because it's easy to read. The story is fun, the environment is unique, and once you start to read it you will wish you could be one of those kids who can go on this unbelievable adventure. I like the illustrations in the book too, very beautiful and cute.
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Review by: katrinaliu on May 23, 2014 :
I'm a school teacher and I often read different type of teen's fictions. This is a book I will recommend to my students. It's very easy to read, the story is fun and it has a great message. The illustrations are good as well.
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Review by: yuanlin on May 22, 2014 :
I was very curious as to what THU meant, was it a place or someone's name? It took a few chapters to figure it all out, and it's actually the main concept of the whole story. This book was very easy to read but it's filled with interesting plot and surprises. Beside the main character Beanie, every character has it's own unique personality and you absolutely can relate to each one of them. I especially like the character Einstein, because he is smart, naughty but full of real emotions. This book also gives out a lot of positive messages. I suggest it to anyone over the age of 12
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Review by: Vic Liu on May 21, 2014 :
This is a very cute, interesting and inspiring story. Each life has its own meaning and duty for this universe and everything and everyone is connected somehow whether it’s good or bad. Everyone has a weakness but overcoming them is the best lesson life can offer. I like how this author put all these uplifting concepts into a teen's science fiction book. It's unique and fun to read. I recommend this book.
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Review by: claire6754 on May 18, 2014 :
I really like it, the story is amazing and unpredictable. I also like the illustrations throughout, they are cute, pretty, and totally compliment the story really well. I highly recommend this book for all ages.
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Review by: barrym0re60 on May 16, 2014 :
I think it's a fun story to read, although the first chapter was a little depressing, but from the 2nd chapter on it became more fun and interesting. You start feeling more for the characters and where the story is going. I think this is a good book for kids or young adults, it's very positive with a good message and concept. It’s also very easy to read and full with creative and unique ideas. The illustrations also add a lot to the book.
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Review by: vivianw on May 07, 2014 :
It's a great mix of science fiction and fantasy that's filled with surprises. I also really like the beautiful and cute illustrations throughout the book. They really added great value to the story. I recommend this to any kid or even any adult that enjoys a good fantasy story.
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Review by: HSU MING on May 05, 2014 :
It's a story with a lot of hidden meanings and messages. I read it first before letting my 12 years old daughter read it, and so far she really likes it. I especially like the way this book teaches us to appreciate what we have, even when it's not perfect. I also really enjoy reading the grow of Beanie as she learns to conquer her fears. I'm really hoping for a sequel because the way this story ended, it left a lot of room for more story
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Review by: scaader on May 04, 2014 :
This book has a weird title that doesn't mean anything, but once I read it and figured out what it really meant, I found out its quite entertaining and meaningful. I think it's a very good children's fiction and it is also good for all ages.
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Review by: Nick on May 03, 2014 :
You really can't tell what this story is about from the book title. I downloaded this because I saw the book trailer and the book was free. I was also curious what was under that lake. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. It was fun to follow the main character Beanie on her adventure, and because it was written in the first person it made me feel like it was my own journey.
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Review by: christine9292 on May 03, 2014 :
it is an interesting story that makes the kids want to know what happen next. My kids love reading and have read a lot of stories in the pat, and I can say that this one is different. Highly recommended!!!
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Review by: djgc20 on May 01, 2014 :
I really enjoy this book and its wonderful and unique story. You follow the little orphan Beanie as she discovers the secrets of her new home, a strange orphanage called the Laketuh House. There, she'll meet a host of interesting characters and be transported to different worlds (spanning time and space) to discover something special about herself.

And its the characters she meets and the different world she visits that makes this story so special. They are wonderfully imaginative and completely engrossing. To me it's a wonderful combination of magic, fantasy, and sci-fi. The story is also very endearing because you truly feel for little Beanie and her struggles to find herself, as well as the her supporting characters. You are never bored because of the fast pace and the interesting plot twists. It was a wonderful experience to see Beanie's world through the eyes of this author.

I highly recommend this book.
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