Passion Flame

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Ejaz Bennett is a paranormal bounty hunter. The type of guy who's seen it all, Ejaz enjoys relaxing when he's not chasing down something that could kill most men without even a thought. But today, he was greeted by an unexpected guest: Jehoash, known as the King of the Dragons, corners the hunter. But the dragon king is not here to fight or to take revenge, but to ask for Ejaz's help. More
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Words: 7,610
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310749346
About Finnian Valko

I suppose I'll be honest and say I don't like to talk about myself a whole lot. That's probably because I almost never know exactly what to say. But because I know you've taken the time to come to my page and potentially bought a book of mine, I'll give it a shot just for you.

For starters I think I can honestly say I'm pretty young for being an author. Writing is kind of an outlet for me. It lets me express myself and my views on things indirectly. Perhaps that is why I enjoy it so much. I can actually give out my opinions while entertaining the reader. Actually I think I'm even better at getting my point across when I'm writing a story than when I'm discussing it directly.

I hope if you've read my work that you've enjoyed it, and if you haven't then please feel free to check it out. If you'd like to learn more about me, feel free to check out my blog or Twitter feed. If you're feeling daring you can even friend me on Facebook!

Thanks again!

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Review By: fenrisilver
Let Me Tell You About Passion Flame
A great, short read. More info in the video review

Review by: Shin Masters on May 16, 2014 :
Passion Flame is an interesting story that while short gets to the point and is enjoyable during the entire time. Instead of wasting the readers time with hundreds of events that mean nothing to the overall plot Finnian Valko gets to the meat of the story and introduces his characters. Ejaz is both the main character yet he isn't. Next is Jehoash who is in my opinion the main protagonist who has more plot significance and in the end is a very well written character. The next one is Jessabelle who is Jehoash's ex. To say much more of the protagonists would be to spoil parts of this amazing story. The fight scenes are quick and to the point and have a certain feel to them that makes them interesting and exciting to read. The overall plot may not be everyone's cup of tea but I recommend that everyone at least try this story. It may not be your desire to read a romance story with dragons but that doesn't mean its bad. There is enough stuff here to interest almost everyone. The book is free and should take you about 30 minutes to read if you are like me or if you read at a different speed it will vary but either way it is well worth the time and the space on your hard drive and should show you that Finnian Valko is an author you should keep an eye on. Overall Passion Flame gets my full approval and a 5 star rating from me. Read it to get the full enjoyment and support an author who should get more attention.
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Review by: Robert Peña on May 15, 2014 :
I thought this was a well-written story, albeit a little on the short side considering there were only a few pages between chapters. Even though it was short, it got right to the point as we start with Ejaz the Hunter. He seemed like a typical badass character, but he did provide us with characterization for the other main character we get to know, Jehoash. Regarding the plot, we get to see Ejaz and Jehoash understand each other and the story does a good job showing the struggles that not only affected Jehoash, but also Jessabelle, her new boyfriend, Brenson, and her son, Jackson. There were obvious references to the names in comparison to the real life events that they're partially inspired from. However, I do understand why they are named as such to begin with. It just kinda threw me off for a second when Jehoash was first introduced. The way the dragons work in this story is quite interesting. I've never seen that interpretation of dragons before. It made me want to see what other potential dragons in this universe can do.

The fight between Jehoash and Heolstor was really good! The climax revealed plenty that solidified the character of Jehoash, and showed his resolve to not only fight for his family that he wants so much, but also fighting his basic instincts as a dragon.

Overall, despite you wanting to experience this universe further, the story takes your attention, and helps guide you through a great story with a relatable message, just in case you even dreamt about starting a family someday.
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Review by: Xam hehe on May 12, 2014 : (no rating)
The word "Passion" in the title Passion Flames is key word to describe this.

Firstly there are your main protagonists: Ejaz, Jehoash, Jessabelle, and little Jackson.

Jehoash, Jessabelle and Jackson are definitely the heart of this story. While Ejaz as badass as he is, and is the first character your introduced too in this story is actually a side
character witnessing the drama of this story unfold. Which is another thing, I feel is that Ejaz deserves his OWN story. He is pretty cool in that regard. Because he feels like a character from marvel comics.

The only negative I felt was Jehoash's awkwardness (To an extent) Now granted I loved that he is not used to most natural things in human society. Like for example I love how he forgot the "names" of a car, or a cellphone. But he outright doesn't know what a plane is? Since he can fly or living with Jessabelle for so long I'm pretty sure he'd know they'd exist. Like the car and cell phone I think he should have just forgotten the "names" of them. Because again this is not his world. So he's not going to remember such human customs. But that is very LITTLE and nitpicky. Overall....This is good story.

This story definitely has a lot of heart put into it. And you feel bad for Jehoash and his struggles. This is not just a "love story" this is also a "father" story. And although its short its definitely worth a read.

"Passion flames" is fitting because the writer put a lot of "passion" into this....And mean a lot.
(review of free book)

Review by: Fatal Kurai on May 11, 2014 :
“Passion Flame” by Finnian Valko is a story about Ejaz, a bounty hunter who is tasked by a man named Jehoash to hunt down these dragons to keep his love, Jessabelle, and his son, Jackson, safe.

Jehoash is a dragon, but fell in love with a human, Jessabelle, and they had a child together which is a half-breed, Jackson. Because he is a half-breed, Jackson catches a lot of attention from the other dragons who see him accidentally using his powers, thus leading to the adventure of keeping Jessabelle and Jackson safe.

This book isn’t like most books I have read, dragons and whatnot. I admit I was pretty lenient to reading this story in the first place, but once I finished page 1 I was hooked.

There were a lot of good parts that really made you get attached to the character, for example when Jehoash says "Perhaps I am. I have made mistakes, Heolstor. I have lost much of everything I had. What wasn't taken outright was sacrificed for my family... I have nothing, so maybe I am nothing." It was a really touching line that made me personally feel sorry for the character.

I recommend buying this book (which is at the moment free of charge) if you are into paranormal romance and action, as well as if you are into Dragons, it’s a good read. Also, those who are skeptical of the dragon element should at least try it out and see if it’s your cup of tea. -Lightz, also known as Fatal Kurai
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