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This is a short story. Dragonfire is the name of the game, a new, totally immersive computer game set in a fantasy world. Figurative dragons lurk in hidden places, the stakes are high, and losing the game means losing your life - or does it?
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About David Rose

I love books. I have had a relationship with books for as long as I can remember. I love turning pages, holding a book in my arms, er, hands, and smelling the unique scent of that particular book. I love old books and new stories. So as a writer I am a reader first.

I began reading (my mother's James Hadley Chase novels) before I was six, and have never stopped. I usually read five or six books a week, unless they are huge: eg "Lord of the Rings" in one volume, or "Winter's Tale" (Mark Helprin).

I used manual typewriters for years. My favourite was an Olivetti Lettera 32 portable which I inherited from my mother, and which was my mainstay for about 20 years, after she had used it for a similar period. Yes, they are rather more durable than computers!

I am an unabashed romantic. I buy flowers for my wife whenever the notion takes me, and I write her a poem at least once a year. I adore soppy romantic scenes in movies (as in the willow pool in "The Little Mermaid" and the balloon launch in "Tangled"). You may notice that I also love most animated movies!

I have sailed, as a radio officer on cargo ships, the Atlantic from Cape Town to North America, and the Indian Ocean from South Africa to Australia and Asia. I remember cyclone Gabrielle, ca. 1982, where we came so close to capsizing near Mauritius that I found myself almost hanging from a hatchway, looking down through a porthole toward the surface of the sea.

My favourite genre is SF and Fantasy, although I also read a lot of crime thrillers and may try my hand at a murder mystery one day. However, I will read practically anything. I am least fond of Horror and supernatural books of that ilk.

Less interesting information:

I am South African, born in Cape Town in 1958. I am married (1991, and still married, to Chantelle). We have four cats, which we inherited from the bush next door.

I prefer my books to be freely available to readers, so I follow a liberal policy on distribution.

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Marc Secchia reviewed on May 27, 2014

Now this was an unexpected wallop of fun packed into a short space. An excellent short story in which David Rose manages to throw several surprises at the reader in rapid succession. The characterization is also spot-on. An enjoyable take on the world of online/massively multiplayer gaming and a wicked twist right near the end. Enjoy!
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Michael reviewed on May 20, 2014

This is a clever short story with a beauty of a twist. At just shy of 3000 words, David Rose has managed to pack in a lot of material. A good read, especially if you're a gamer. Actually it's still a good read even if you aren't.
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Lana Axe reviewed on May 17, 2014

Though this story is very short, it hooked me fast and held my attention. The main characters, Catlin and Florian are players of the game Dragonfire. It is not your average game, though. Players are immersed in this fantasy world which can have consequences in the real world as well.

Catlin's character spoke strongly to me. Not that I would go to the lengths she does, but I do understand that urge to retreat into a fantasy game world. To me, it's an escape and a fun pastime, to Catlin, it's an obsession. I've never quite been in her shoes, but I know people who have had trouble coping with real life after becoming too attached to MMO's. Her character came across as true to life.

The descriptions and writing in this story are top notch. I felt fully immersed in the story, and I got a good look at the characters despite the short length. I was completely surprised at the ending, as I was expecting something different. I won't spoil it, but I will say it is a nice, unexpected twist.

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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Michael Andrews reviewed on May 17, 2014

This short story is a quick paced action book based around the Hartman siblings, who's company run the online game Dragonfire. This is a game where you transpose your human self inside the game, but while there are safety measures in place to protect you, things can go wrong.

It is an intriguing read as the author meshes in the idea of the game, the differing characters of the "real" world with the computer world and in my opinion, would work well if he ever decided to turn it into a full length novel.
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