Infinite Meat

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When a mysterious plague renders an isolated village meatless, the town’s butcher and his only daughter struggle to cope with dwindling finances. The manipulative butcher strikes a deal with the Devil, trading his unwitting daughter for a magical bovine. But things don’t go quite as planned, and a once loveless heart is sparked anew in the most unlikely way. More
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About Jeremy Neeley

Mr. Neeley has always loved the art of storytelling and believes writing has the wonderful ability to not only entertain, but to inspire. He has worked for several years as a graphic designer at a Pittsburgh-based university and currently lives with his wife and three children in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania.

The Royal Perfects was the first novel-length story written by Jeremy Neeley. Due to its overwhelmingly positive reviews from family, friends, and the Internet community, Mr. Neeley was spurred on to continue writing original, fiction stories and distributing them via Smashwords.

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Review by: Jeremy Lee on July 8, 2016 :
Wonderful originality. Great pace and despite the overuse of complex prose, it still reads fluently, but probably only if you have a good vocabulary. Before I point out some things I noticed, I would like to highly recommend this read. It's a very unusual concept and kept me reading continuously.

The odd passage was difficult, like “Lucas Swift found the inadvertent auditory interruption a welcomed chance for distraction.” Could have been "Lucas heard a noise, and welcomed the distraction..."

There were several words simply out of place, one example near the end of the book, "nirvana" to describe a Christian heaven. If that was deliberate, I don't know why. There are numerous stumblers like "scrapped knees" which may be a colloquialism that is unfamiliar to me--I would say scraped--, "bit of a ways away" is very modern American speech, as is "tasked" and yet since there are only gas lamps in the street, these are inconsistent with the setting.

Flies were described as parasites, but they are not parasitic.
"The devil giggled" I find that unlikely.
“But, should things go to the extant, you will need to play a role in tidying up”. The word should probably be extent. (Extant means "still existing")
"Catalyst" is a rather scientific word. It could be used once in the right context, but not three times for different purposes.

"The water was filled with a devilishly high concentration of sodium chloride,” Well, yes, it's in hell. Of course it's devilish. And why not simply say "salt". It's better to get the story across rather than showcase the intellect of the writer.

Calling a mouth a "yap" and feet "stompers" and eyes "peepers" might be acceptable within prose for the period, but not when the narrator uses the word; certainly not when the narrator also uses modernisms like "tasked".
"Tasked" next to "paramour" also linguistically contrasts strongly without providing benefit to the plot.

The names irked me a bit. This is acceptable in a child's book, but not for the intended readers of this book:
Victor Lednail = a boot binder
Brady Blockcut = a butcher
Captain Cuffburn = a policeman

The number of errors (as Kline wrestler her into position) (with ever step he grew closer)... increased as the book came to a conclusion. This bolstered a feeling that it might have been rushed a little toward the end, especially because the amount of "telling" compared to dialogue increased whereas one typically expects backstory and descriptive narrative to be heavy at the beginning of a book.

But there is a stroke of genius. "I had a team of lawyers, who are in no short supply down here."

Awesome read. Thanks. Enjoyed it a lot.
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Review by: Joostvandenbogaart on March 19, 2016 :
I liked it a lot. It's a bit a combination between a fairy tale and light horror. Brilliant.
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Review by: Shorea A. on Nov. 28, 2015 :
Clever storytelling. Unpredictable ending. Needs proofreading, but stull 5 stars.
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Review by: Mary Blackwell on June 14, 2014 :
This is the first book I have ever recommended before I have even finished it.

How can I describe it? It is written on such an epic scale in some ways and yet in others each segment is a small crafted story. It starts off with a fairly fairy tale feel to it with a young girl who is mistreated at home and shunned by the villagers and a powerful man due to lose his place in the world, ready to do whatever he has to to retain his position. She journeys to fulfil his wishes and meets people who resonate through the story, which reminded me of old beggar women asking for food and in return granting wishes later.

There is the promise and spurning of love, marriage and destiny. There is a magical beast. There are realms of hell. There are mob scenes. There are scenes of great loss and pain as well as discovery and joy.

Ultimately, for me, this is a story of possibilities, choices and the continuing punishment of hope which if followed through can sometimes lead to better times.

I heartily recommend this book and once the little mistakes (as mentioned by David Rose below) are ironed out, this should see print in my opinion.
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Review by: David Rose on May 25, 2014 :
Oh MAN! What a great story! And no, I don't personally know the author. I downloaded this because it was free and it looked interesting. There are occasional little mistakes with English, such as interest that is "peaked" as opposed to "piqued", but these are drowned in the wonderful story-telling, riveting concept and masterful pacing of this must-read book. Clearly inspired by the story of Faust, this is nonetheless an original creation which I venture to suggest is superior to both Goethe's and Marlowe's work. Whether orthodox Christian theologians would find Neeley's premise tenable I doubt - but then, I don't care: the story is just too good. Do not miss this book!
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Review by: Laure Justice on May 13, 2014 :
This book was exceptional! Finally, a story that's unique with an unexpected ending!!

I loved the plot twists, and the characters drew me in right away. The villain was SO BAD... I read it straight through because once I started I wanted to know what was next.
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