Fantastical Stories (Book 1)

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Three stories from three different times and places, dealing with the same problem, which is, the end of existence. "Phoenix" is a story about an extraordinary elderly woman set in a fantasy world, "A change of heart" follows steps of a deep-space mining engineer and "Perseverance" is a dark comedy about a girl who becomes a vampire against her own will.
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Tomas Koukal reviewed on on June 10, 2014

this was suggested to me and I enjoyed it very much
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Loana Kirsk reviewed on on June 7, 2014

Very interesting, is there gonna be a second book?
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Kamillios reviewed on on May 15, 2014

nice, short and free. good ideas. would like more
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EricaSmall reviewed on on May 15, 2014

I enjoyed the fantasy very much but don't understand who the characters are because there are only bits and pieces described from their past relevant to a certain timeframe in the story. They are likeable but more information is needed in my opinion. The ending of A change of Heart is heart wrenching but described in an impersonal manner, which was probably intentional. Also the language and grammar needs more editing, as I understand the author's first language is not English.
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Anastasia Beaverhousen reviewed on on May 15, 2014

I read the whole book in an hour and I read the vampire story first. It's funny but it contains elements that can be sensitive to some. Would want to read more about the vampire trio for sure!
The science fiction is touching and the name of the story is fitting. The only thing I didn't like was the story ended suddenly and explained the follow-up in epilogue.
Phoenix has nice characters and scenes, the ending left me with unanswered questions and in awe.
Recommend this for readers who want a short story with a surprise or emotional ending.

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