Taint on Religion

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After experiencing tragedies that lead her to a checkered life, Natasha has decided to go on the path to redemption. There is promise with her membership at Reverend Jamison’s church. When discoveries are accidentally made, does Natasha stay mum about what she’s learned or does she place a taint on religion? (short story)

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Words: 4,450
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311989369
About Queen of Spades

There are different components to the writing anatomy which creates Queen of Spades—part passion of a poet and part cadence of a storyteller.

Since the age of eleven, Queen of Spades' blood flowed with the rush of ideas that dripped in a rhythm inundated with stanzas. She first made her writing debut as a presenter and poet in the collective, Soulful Branches: Words and Sounds. Her other poetic writes include Reflections of Soul, the Eclectic collection (Skin Edition and Beyond the Skin), Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations, and Private Pain: Amidst these Ashes, as well as being a contributing writer in the April 2014 poetry collection Words of Fire and Ice by Durham Editing and Ebooks and The Sea of Conscience by M.J. Holman.

Reflections of Soul was selected as one of the top books by Koobug, and Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes hit the Amazon Best Sellers List in three categories—Contemporary Poetry, Women’s Poetry, and Biographical Fiction.

Shortly thereafter, Queen of Spades’ desire for storytelling decided to take spotlight alongside its poetic counterpart. Her first independent short story release “Taint on Religion” debuted in May 2014. Two other short stories “Mr. Bradley’s Garden” and “When Summer Lingers” were first in the June 2014 short story collection Summer Shorts II: Best Kept Secrets by Durham Editing and Ebooks prior to being released on their own.

The short story anthology Continuous Drips received distinction as an Amazon Best Selling Book and showcases three of her stories “Misfortune”, “Afro Shock”, and “Útil”. She also made an appearance in All Authors Publishing House’s 1st short story anthology, Concordant Vibrancy: Unity with her piece “The Authentic Snap.” Concordant Vibrancy: Unity joined Continuous Drips in that distinction in May 2015.

In addition, Queen of Spades was included in short story anthology Crackles of the Heart in July 2015, followed by a second poetry joint venture with MJ Holman "Waves to Light" in September 2015.

Future projects by Queen of Spades involve poetry collection Spaded Truths II: Life-o-Suction and participation in the short story anthology Concordant Vibrancy II: Vitality.

Some say Queen of Spades is a Poet of the People. Others label her a Life Writer. One thing remain constant in her delivery, whether it’s a poem or a story—it touches each individual in a sovereign way that lingers well after the diction is complete.

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Review by: C. Desert Rose on Aug. 05, 2015 :
Okay. So here is the deal--and for those of you whom have had this experience, you'll understand--you ever made the choice to 'do the right thing' and joined a church, because your grandmother told so?
Well Natasha has a similar situation going on. She wants to fix her life, so she joins the church. After all, that's what she was told all of her life. But things are never as they seem.
I don't want to give any spoilers, but suffice it to say, that this book will make you think. I loved it.
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Review by: Adonis Mann on June 15, 2015 :
There are so many things that I want to say about this story. It has an incredible amount of layers which makes this story incredibly intense.

The plot automatically pulled me in with it’s irrevocably enticing storyline. You have a girl—Natasha—that has had a hard life but was bought up with strong morals and absolute faith. At one point in her life she veers from that which she was indoctrinated and things become unbearable, somehow leading her back.

Having made the decision to return to the path of righteousness Natasha comes across Rev Jamison’s church. Immediately the subservient Reverend takes notice in Natasha and opts to help her on a one on one basis in the walk of the Lord.

In all accounts, I have to say that I was stricken with awe. It was not necessarily because it was an exceptionally written book (which it was) but because of the conjunction to human emotion. This story examines the imperfection that is the human condition and the fact that most people, at their core, are flawed no matter how “religious” they are.

I could not help but sit in unmitigated self-consideration after having finished this story. I pondered on what it would be like to be Natasha. I also speculated as to how I would act in her situation. In so doing I realized that I might not have done things any differently than she, and that society would possibly treat me just as they did Natasha. This is a sad thing to come to terms with because one sometimes wants to believe that people are good, yet how many times do we find out that that is not always the case.

Life is hard, people are complex, but when things run a muck is refuge found in the solace that religion brings, or is it best to find strength in your own abilities? These are the things that “Taint on Religion” brings to the forefront for your independent consideration.

Without a doubt, a book of self-reflection and a call to reality.

Suffice it to say that “Taint on Religion” is a book that many should be reading. It can, without question, teach us all something.

5 Stars!
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Review by: Da'Kharta Rising on April 14, 2015 :
That cover is smoking! Yeah, I know there's smoke coming from the Bible but you get what I mean.

At times I found myself mad at Natasha and admiring Natasha. I'm mad at her because of how naive she was in regards to the Reverend. If something is suspicious, trust your gut. (Sorry, that was around before Kerry Washington and Scandal.) Yet there is something almost endearing about Natasha's optimism and her desire for justice.

What I've learned over time is people would rather cling to pretty lies than hear the ugly truth.

With that being said, does this take away from it being a good story just because I'm not overly crazy about the main character?

The answer is no and I tell you why--because these type of people exist in real life. The realness of the hypocrisy at it pertains to God vs. the church as well as redemption vs. damnation.

What can you say? "Happily Ever After" is subjective. Wait! That's C. Desert Rose's line.

I say check out this read. Don't get intimidated by the title or the cover. There's good work in here. Queen of Spades is one of those people who I believe can transcend and do it wonderfully.
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Review by: Synful Desire on April 08, 2015 :
Stands and loudly applauds the bravery of this work. This happens in society more than we know, and I appreciate Queen's approach. Not as condemnation but as a way to understand. Heart wrenching story.
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Review by: Carol Cassada on Oct. 14, 2014 :
Love God, love yourself, and always go to church.

Those are the words her mother told her and that Natasha tries to live by.

Natasha is a character that readers can relate to, she’s had a hard life and at times she questioned why God would allow this to happen to her. After going down the wrong path, she begins to get her life back on track and starts attending church. However, she begins to question her faith after learning some shocking revelations about the reverend of her church.

The story does a good job of exposing what’s wrong in the world of religion and how people tend to turn a blind eye to the truth.

The ending was great, although I felt bad about how Natasha was treated, yet I knew it was important in bringing across the point of the story.
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Review by: Y Correa on May 19, 2014 :
Nicely done!
This is how it's done! This is the way to tell a story about all of the hypocrisy in religion without actually belittling religion itself.
I find that it addressed a very real issue without derogating the premise of religion.
I was able to relate very well to the heroine, Natasha. She was a hardworking female just trying to do the right thing, and turing to what should have been a sanctuary. Yet, in time she realizes that not everything is as it seems and that people have been fooled by the one person they turn to for comfort.

Kudos on this story.
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Review by: All Authors Publishing House on May 19, 2014 :
This is a great story.

Some people would believe by the cover and title that this is a story that would be blasphemous against religion. But it really isn't.

What I really like about this story is that it's the story about how people hide behind religion, or a cloak of immaculacy. The protagonist tells us the story of how she is trying to do the right thing in her life, of how her boyfriend although working a frowned upon job is also a good person, yet how the person that the general public would praise is actually a devil in sheep's clothing.

This is a very clever story and well written. I respect the premise and I like that it was used to speak up against hypocrisy.

Great job.

I recommend this story to the open minded, and rational, that can enjoy a great story for what it's worth without resorting to insulting it simply because it has religious elements.
The essence of the story is "Don't judge a book by it's cover, because sometime the prettiest covers have the worst content."
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