Split- A Short Play

Take A Check Out. It Is About A Boy With MPD, whose Personalities Fight Each Other.
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About Sir Issac III

A story about a dream world
More small stuff
A book about a samurai in ancient Japan.

Multiple personalities (Annie, Dr. Derek Stiles, Henry, Pamela, Lowen, Sakura) Talented musician, Amateur Cartoonist and Overloads on Sugar.
Not Yet Diabetic.

Sir Issac Is a Teenager, (Guess the Gender, It'll Surprise You) Who has multiple personalities (Writes under the sadistic Henry or calm Pamela) that writes because there are not enough female mercinaries. SO I decided to create my own...

I like to think of myself as a destroyer.

Likes: Everything he doesn't hate, Long Biographies, Pogohammers.
Hates: Pretty much everything.
Really Hates: Catherine, people who follow me, people who do stuff for me, exceedingly nice people, exceedingly boring people, Psych wards, Chris
Things That Make Me Cry: Beautiful Music, Wind in my face.
Hobbies: Destroying things, Boxing and writing.
Accomplishments: I have done nothing with my life so far.
Favorite Number: 13
Favorite subject: History and Chemistry
Least Favorite Subjects: English, Math and Green Industries
Height: Not Exceeding Tall
Weight: Clinically anorexic
Personality: Partially masculine, but mostly feminine.
Approach to love: Act all embarrassed and avoid them or hang around them and be nice to them.
Outward Appearance: Generally looks bored, Or else comes off as easygoing and Narcissistic.
Inner Feelings: Rigid, Has a self confidence issue.
IQ: 157
Arcana: XIII
Zodiac: Sagittarius*
Affinity: Ice
Skills: Ice and Dark
Social Link: XIII or XVI, Depending on the person.
Approach to Social Situations: Be exceedingly rude and violent at first then not somuch
Personas: Frostbite, Shiva and Susano-o

Most likely to purposely destroy something.

* Hates the cruel world. I cannot stand summertime, Yet Sagittarius is FIRE. I HATE FIRE!
Ice is much Cooler

***Fight Me!***
You looking for someone to tussle with?
Give me a name and we'll go!

Ultra/Super Street Fighter IV: Juri, Sakura
Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax: Brosuke, Naoto
Guilty Gear XX: Bridget
Sm4sh: Claus, Marth, Ness, Lady Robin, Lucy-Dear, Kirby
Brawl: Claus, Ness, Marth
Killer Instinct: Orchid, Aria
Arcana Heart 3: Kamui, Ayane
Tekken Tag 2: Kunimitsu
Injustice: Scorpion, Harley Quinn

"While me and your cousin use regular street fighter characters,
we lose to you who picks the weird girl ones we don't know how to fight against"
-Uncle, after being defeated in SFIV.

"If you think I'm just going to lay down and die then you're wrong!
I'm not one to back down from a fight (I do however, Tactically Retreat in some circumstances)
I'm not one to be afraid,
Be intimidated
Be Cooperative
Or to humiliate others.
You piss me off long enough and you'll be tasting more than one of my fists!
Be you man or woman, Adult or child
I will not hesitate to execute you.
Sexists, Especially Feminazis
Racists, Dictators, Radicalists
Beware! My blade of revenge will plunge sweetly
Into your back!
Don't think you can base human worth on something
They cannot change! Humans will always equal nothing!
Anyone who will oppose a just world where all the filth of the world
Can be filthy together!
What? You think I like humans?
Who the hell do you think I am!?

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