Seventh Heaven Hereafter

This E book, Seventh Heaven Hereafter, tells about the discovery of a biblical archive of astronomy from scripture. Using a peculiar form of logic, the prophets programmed messages into the archive to transmit paranormal information about their psychic visions of heaven in the afterlife. These profound messages from the prophets are in the infallible language of science. More
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Rather than give a generic description of my profile I will integrate it into my research activities in looking for evidence that a higher form of intelligence influenced the biblical prophets.

I was born and reared in rural Ireland and our lives were ruled by religious fervour in which only the hierarchical clergy had a say. We were led to believe that there was a heaven above to ascend too for living in piety and doing what we were told but the burning fires of hell below awaited those who did not obey. The notion of a heaven in the afterlife seemed to have originated with the biblical prophets and they were considered to have been divinely inspired when they made their predictions. They had alluded to Jacob’s ladder reaching up to God and the building of the beguiling tower of Babel together with a fiery chariot ascending out of sight so the aspiration from the prophets was to soar up to the heavens. But words alone were never going to be sufficient to convince the universal audience that there was a paradise awaiting us.

Years went by and I studied telecommunications in college and worked in the national Telecom Company but eventually moved to work in one of the main national newspapers. During that time Ireland underwent major changes with wide scale economic and social transformations. Along the way I drifted from the archaic world of boring Sunday sermons but I retained an interest in biblical history and am fascinated with the archaeology of the Levant. I was also interested in several of the building projects such as with the tabernacle in the Book of Exodus and other numerical data configurations in the Bible.

A door opened for me when I learned that scholars have established that the first five books of the Old Testament had been covertly re-edited around 500 – 700 BCE and the various stories had been dramatized out of all proportions. So preoccupied were investigators with analysing the text to try and identify the re-editors that they seemed to have overlooked that large volumes of numbers had been also inserted including practically the whole Book of Numbers. Many of those numbers were incredible with men living to be over nine hundred years of age or with exaggerated population sizes in two censuses.

It seemed to me that those numbers had to have been of tremendous importance for the re-editors to insert them in scripture. I therefore conducted an analysis and found evidence that some of those numbers equated to the heavenly orbits. Those observations began a quest that resulted with many significant discoveries over the years. Piece by piece a giant cosmic archive was assembled and it comprised of a solar calendar and recordings of the orbits of the planets around the sun. It was evident that some of the data was beyond the capabilities of mortals to acquire at that stage of engineering development.

Gradually the cosmic data fell into place and it showed what the prophets were up to. They had predicted the coming of a Messiah at the time of a bright star over Bethlehem. However, nobody knew that they had plotted out his arrival on the solar calendar and listed the coordinates to identify that star over Bethlehem.

While investigating the numerical data in scripture I came across the copper scroll which was found in a cave by the Dead Sea in 1952. Unlike the other scrolls with their religious contents, the copper scroll listed 64 sites where vast quantities of gold and silver treasures were buried back in antiquity. All efforts by archaeologists to find the treasures ended in failure as the descriptions of where to locate the various sites were too vague or absurd. There was a litany of numbers on the copper scroll which were listed as the number of cubits to dig to find numerical weights of gold and silver treasures. My subsequent investigation proved that the numbers were the real gems because they proved to be the indices of a long lost biblical calendar that was used to map out the future.

That was what I found in my research work and the findings raise many fundamental questions. Where and how did the prophets acquire this complex archive of astronomy? Why did the re-package the data on astronomy and insert it covertly as the domestic related numbers in the Old and New Testaments? Why did they not pass on the knowledge to the Vatican and other religious institutions?

Not since Samson flexed the full span of his mighty arms to bring the temple crashing down, have the pillars of conventional belief been so sorely tested. But this endeavor is not about sacking the temple, though it will certainly annul some of the myths and practices that religious establishments have rested on for thousands of years. The revelation that some of the most beautiful lyrical parables of the Bible as well as some of its most disturbing texts carried a watermark that can only be seen when held up to the light of physics and science may seem controversial at first. But the findings do unveil the format of a magnificent archive of celestial knowledge in all its multi-layered ingeniousness. This would appear to be the sign that people in every century had awaited, a compelling sign that the prophets were in contact with a higher form of intelligence when they acquired this divine like knowledge of the heavens.

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