Overuse Injuries - The RSI Phenomenon Revisited

'Overuse Injuries – The RSI Phenomenon Revisited' provides a lay-persons description of the various musculo-skeletal disorders & conditions (RSI, CTS) and provides basic explanations of the many factors that could be contributing to these disorders. Sections cover laptop and tablet ergonomics, correct postures, exercises and poses 80 questions to ask about your work situations that may be involved More

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About David McIvor

Dr David J McIvor, Ph.D., B.Sc (Hons), FAICD, is the founder, Director and Managing Consultant of Occupational Safety and Health Associates (Australia) Pty Limited. [He also is Managing Director of MacIvor Gan International Pty Ltd, a consulting company that provides services throughout the Asia-Pacific Region (including Malaysia, China (PRC) and Singapore.]

He is a Chartered Professional Member of the Safety Institute of Australia (CPMSIA), a member of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia (MHFESA) and is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He holds a Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training.

David McIvor formed Occupational Safety and Health Associates in 1983. Since that time, David has established a proven record of performance and achievement. He has many years experience in providing practical and cost-effective consultant advice and training to an extensive range of clients, in all areas of occupational health and safety - risk management- compensation claims administration and claims management.

David McIvor's clients have included DuPont, the Royal Australian Air Force, Thales, Motorola, Kodak, Nufarm, Sumitomo. Metropolitan Fire Brigade Melbourne, several employer associations and various government agencies.

His work with many of Australia's - and the world's - leading companies, government departments and statutory authorities involves assessing the overall "health" of the organisation. These assessments cover occupational / work and all other related areas such as industrial relations, compensation management, organisational dynamics and safety leadership. Activities include conducting comprehensive OHS Needs Audits and Training Needs Analyses, developing and implementing practical OHS management processes and programs, research and training.

David believes health and safety issues often indicate other more fundamental issues, so he explores the opportunities to add value to the whole organisation - through controlling hazards and risks to peoples' health, safety and well-being - and organisational health, productivity and morale.

By working with people at all levels - from the top to the bottom - about their perceived health and safety issues, David uses 'health and safety' as the "window to your organisation" and can pinpoint other opportunities to improve overall organisation functioning. This process works across Australia and around the world - in NZ, USA, Canada, Brazil, Europe - and now China.

Dr McIvor is designer and principal presenter of both OSHA's extensive range of OHS-risk management training courses, including several government- accredited courses throughout Australia. He is the co-designer of The Ergotape, a tape measure containing over 50 separate ergonomic measurements and criteria.

David is committed and passionate about helping people at all levels in an organisation, not only improve the standards of their working conditions, but moreover making their organisation more 'fun' to be part of.

Contact him now personally on (61) 0418 389945 or email at david@safety-health.com.au

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