Breaking Gravity

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Dale Adams makes a discovery that could change the world — and attracts the attention of some very dangerous enemies. If he wants to stay alive, he’ll have to return to the place he tried so hard to leave behind…
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About Mitty Walters

Yes, Mitty Walters is a pen name. It's a tribute to the classic, not the recent. When I read that story, I was a homeless teenager who was never sure where he would be sleeping the next night. I had an instant connection with Walter Mitty. But I always felt like his dark reflection. Walter's wild fantasy life helped him to escape his boring reality. But my fantasy was just to have a boring reality.

Too bleak? Fine.

The truth is I joined the Merchant Marines when I was fifteen. When they asked for ID, I gave them my dead cousin's birth certificate. Next thing I knew I was on a bus headed to Savannah. When I hopped my first freighter, my heart was filled with all kind of romantic notions. But three straight days of puking cajoled me back to reality. I didn't set foot on land for another four months.

The Merchant Marine is not some mysterious gateway to adventure for young lads. It's just work, sweat, and misery. I didn't get marooned on any island, didn't rescue any damsels in distress. I just toiled away pointlessly. The most adventure I had was getting arrested in Thailand with a bunch of drunken idiots that I didn't even know. I learned to speak a little Cantonese while I was in there, though. I wasted away for a eighteen months, until the riots began.

Crap. Too bleak again?

Look. You can be honest. You don't care who I am. You just want to go on wild ride. I'm cool with that. Let's do dis, yo. Just pick up the book and let's bounce.

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Reviews of Breaking Gravity by Mitty Walters

Roland Baumann reviewed on July 26, 2019

Very nice story. I enjoyed reading this book a lot. More of that please!
(review of free book)
Charles Beckett reviewed on Sep. 12, 2016
(no rating)
OK, where's the 10 star button? Every now and then as I troll the free SCIFI books I come across a good read. This is better than that. This is "Martian" quality writing. Mr. Walters' writing skills let you slide into the narrative on page one while he spins a great tale that draws you in. With a title like 'Breaking Gravity' you know that the 'science' won't hold up to deep inspection but Walters gives a good enough explanation to let you suspend disbelief enough to enjoy the book. Really enjoy the book. Get it while it's still free, but be sure not to read it until you can finish it; you really can't put it down. Oh, and read thru to the last page and click on the link -- great fun!
But I'm sorta p**sed -- looks like he hasn't written anything else yet. Mitty -- don't leave us high and dry.
(review of free book)
classy4evr reviewed on June 7, 2016

I enjoyed reading this book. Very entertaining. I highly recommend it.
(review of free book)
Nathan Gregory reviewed on April 30, 2015

What a delightful tale! I loved it, recommend it and give it five stars.

Not only is the story literate, and engaging, it has very high production values. I did find one typo, but only one, and I called the author's attention to that, and he promised to fix it immediately. It was not significant enough to detract in any way from the story.

My only complaint, if I can call it that, stems from the nature of the suspension of disbelief. Certainly all Science Fiction requires suspension of disbelief, else the genre could not exist. As an engineer myself, I often have trouble with that. Faster-than-life travel and wormholes through space and time I can swallow without a hitch. But a trivial electronic circuit somehow innovating a new class of physics, well, that caused me a couple of hiccups. Even so, I quickly got past that, and was immensely glad I did. Not since Richard Ballinger Seaton discovered the transuranic metal 'X' and unleashed the power of Atomic copper has a story held my attention so thoroughly!

Highly recommended!
(review of free book)
Austin12345 reviewed on April 6, 2015

Really enjoyed the story, wish we had been exposed to more use of the discovery. I mean come on, the very first thing I thought of was applying it to a vehicle. A large,very, very fast bullet proof vehicle. As it was, a supposed Emory graduate couldn't think of apply beyond a skate board until the very end of the book. In other words, more science in the science fiction. Still, I'm giving it four stars because it was a fun read and I want the author to keep writing. I'll be there for his next effort.
(review of free book)
Hannes Birnbacher reviewed on March 21, 2015

I liked this one. It is amusing and a thrilling "what would happen if..." story.
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Doug Aiken reviewed on Sep. 7, 2014

"Just finished Breaking Gravity and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a top notch story. It took the premise of the hover board from ‘Back to the Future” to new heights. It held my interest all the way through. I look forward with anticipation to any future stories Mitty Walters may write. Keep up the good work!"

Doug AIken
(review of free book)
Bill Oswald reviewed on Aug. 23, 2014

Very well done and entertaining. This is an earlier work by this author and I expect to see more of his work soon. Well worth waiting for.
(review of free book)
paul kelly reviewed on Aug. 18, 2014

this is worth reading ... it's almost believable with twists & turns /changes of scene with humour; the icing on the cake is the final webpage that just had me laughing. B.well done Mitty Walters (yes more please and sooner than this one; you can do it)
(review of free book)

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