Big Ban Theory: Elementary Essence Applied to Boron and Sunflower Diaries 1st, Volume 5

Volume 5 is the continuation of "Big Ban Theory" Volume 4. It also is the jump off point for the "Sunflower Diaries" (published 12/14 of 2012 to 5/13 of 2013) and "Magical ME" Series (published between 5/29 of 2013 to 2/6 of 2014). It is where it will be serving as a review and rebuilding past series that were already written. More
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About Rod Island

3/11/2020 NOTE: With the rise of the Coronavirus, it is worth taking a time to browse through my Interview Section. This is a very serious illness. While most of you may be on the fence about the Psychic Field, the Coronavirus spreading through countries warrants exploring all options for halting this disease no matter how crazy the suggestion or how slim the odds a suggestion will be successful. To just automatically assume an idea is stupid and shouldn't be considered could result in you overlooking a viable solution.
You don't have to entertain every "crazy idea," but you should listen. With so many people getting trapped indoors unable to go anywhere, you should be able to find time to browse through my literature where a lot of the eBook content is free. I have not been able to write more content because I'm overworked and exhausted. I do not receive crowdfunding since few believe in my research. When you don't fund important departments that track and monitor things like the Coronavirus and infectious diseases, you'll run into problems.
Much of my problems stem from lack of funding and where you have to do everything on a tight budget. The sad apart is that the economy is March 2020 is about to take a dive costing trillions of dollars while I can barely scrounge up enough money to buy food much less hire someone to do laundry and cook.
While you can argue everyone's got problems, I'm the one who can solve your problem and is knowledgeable and well-versed. So to have someone like me who can help develop a cure have to stop working on a cure to save you because I have to stop to wash my dishes and do my laundry which is something any of the other 8 billion people could've done for me looks really bad. Imagine if you uncovered billions of dollars of money is lost all because people couldn't scrounge up $100,000 to keep my program up and running.
What would also be sad is if someone like me who can help develop a cure and stop the spread of the virus was broke and destitute because no one would fund his research and ends up getting infected with the Coronavirus getting sick and dying from it. That's why any donations would be greatly appreciated. If you purchase books or merchandise from me to help keep me afloat, I'd greatly appreciate it as well.
I don't like asking for money which is why I made a lot of my content here free because it bothers me forcing people to pay for things. I'd rather it be where people donate freely because they want to. But maybe as I put out merchandise, people will buy it not because they need it or want it, but because they're showing support.
As for my books, I chose to make some of the content free because I don't believe you should put a price on valuable information that could save lives. It should be free or accessible to the everyone. So just because you see something in my book series listed as free, don't assume it's "worthless."
I'm an Entertainment Industry Psychic. What makes me unique is that you can see traces of my work influencing the Entertainment Industry with TV Shows, Movies, and Music. Unlike others who tell you they're Psychic and where you have to take their word for it. I can actually point to my accomplishments.
Interestingly enough, the books published on SmashWords prior to 9/25 of 2014 was before I knew about the 2006 to 2014 Psychic TV Show "Psych." It's with actor James RODay who pays Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer. I'm ROD the Psychic born 5/29 of 1975 like my high school classmate Sean Spencer who played Major League Baseball. My 1993 online handle was DET. I'm Psychic DET RODay born 5/29/75 like Sean Spencer. Our high school Math Teacher was Mr. Ferd SEICK (Psych). My 1993 senior year Physics teacher was Mr. Jack FORSEE meaning "Foresee" which is Psychic or "to predict." In "Psych" Season 5 Episode 6, Shawn says that actor Carl Weathers who plays BOONE is the best friend 30 years from now. My best friend in high school was BOONE. "Psych" came out in 2006, but this was in 1993, which was 13 years before the show went into syndication. Actor Timothy Omundson who plays Carlton Lassiter was originally a Psychic in "Starship Troopers" and is from Washington State. Actor James "Rod+AY" is born 4/4. AY as the 1st 25th Letters is 1/25. 4/4 + 1/25 (AY) = 5/29 as birthday of me as Rod and MLB player Sean Spencer as my high school classmate.
The other Fake Psychic TV Show is "iZombie" that went into syndication 3/17 of 2015, which was a couple months after my last publication on September 2014. It's about a University of Washington Graduate who is a zombie who pretends to be a Psychic. Sean Spencer and I went to the University of Washington (UW). The UW was commissioned by the US Army to experiment with Telepathy and Magnetic Fields, which is my area of expertise.
The other famous Psychic TV Show is "Stranger Things" on Netflix that takes place in Hawkins, Indiana with the Psychic named Eleven or Jane. Season 1 takes place 11/6 of 1983 which is the birthday of actress Zoe McLellan who was seen on YouTube talking to James Corden about the Psychic Field. Zoe McLellan and Sean Spencer both went to my high school. The Hawkins Government Laboratory with a Psychic near the home of Will Byers mirrors the Manchester Government Laboratory that is by my old childhood home that has Castle Turrets as "Castle Buyers." Charlie Kessler sued the Duffer Brothers claiming they stole the idea from his short film "Montauk." That is the phonetic pronunciation of my grandmother Maria "Mantac." When my childhood home was sold 5/4 of 2018, it was to HAWKINS-Poe Realty because the TV Show is set in HAWKINS, Indiana. It is the "House of EL" or the "House of the Psychic."
Another way to prove my Psychic Abilities is through the 1959 "Twilight Zone" host ROD Serling. My honorary adopted daughter JORDAN Craig mirrors the 2019 "Twilight Zone" host JORDAN Peele. 2019 is the #YearOfJordan. The 2019 Playboy Playmate of the Year is JORDAN Emanuel. The 2019 film "Once Upon a Time in "Hollywood" with Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt is about Terry Melcher whose real name is Terrence JORDEN as the son of Doris Day who died 5/13 of 2019. Leo DiCaprio was in "WOLF of Wall Street" as JORDAN Belfort in 2013. The high school mascot of Zoe McClellan, Sean Spencer, and me is the WOLF.
The most visible event in Celebrity news was Valentine's Day Weekend 2019 when JORDYN Woods hooked up with Tristan Thompson who has a child with Khloe Kardashian. Tristan is born 3/13 like "my" daughter Jordan Craig and Tristan has a son named PRINCE with his ex-girlfriend "Jordan Craig" with the same name. My daughter Jordan has a cat named Prince.
I have witches on my dad's side of the family and a scar on my forehead underneath my left eye brow like Harry Potter as the most powerful wizard of his time. The 2013 film "Horns" stars Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe as the character IG Perrish set in Washington State. I'm from Washington State and my high school nickname was IG in 1992. My eldest cousin Arlene is born 7/23 of 1965 which was way before Daniel Radcliffe was born and chosen as Harry Potter. Arlene's daughter Tiffany as the eldest of all my nieces and nephews was born 6/26 of 1987, which was 10 years before the Harry Potter Series came out 6/26 of 1997. It's that inside joke about Gilderoy Lockhart who was taking the stories of Witches and Wizards and passing them off as his own in his book "Magical Me." While I love Harry Potter and have nothing against author J. K. Rowling, that's technically what she did by putting all those stories about Harry Potter into her book when it's really based off of an actual person.
This can be proven through the NBA with Michael JORDAN who was with the WASHINGTON WIZARDS. I'm from WASHINGTON State and a Math WIZARD. Michael Jordan's father was murdered 7/23 of 1993 on the birthday of Daniel Radcliffe way before the book series was written. The Chicago Bulls won the 1993 NBA Championship that year. The theme song of the Bulls (with Dennis RODman) is "Eye in the Sky" by the Alan Parsons Project singing about "mind-reading" or Psychic/Telepathy.
The other famous TV Show is "Jane the VIRGIN" starring actress Gina RODriguez set in FLORIDA who goes to HOLY TRINITY CHURCH. I'm VIRGIN ROD with an aunt named FLORIDA who went to HOLY TRINITY CHURCH in Bremerton, WA. Gina Rodriguez is from Chicago and went to St.t IGNATIUS. Ignatius was my nickname in 1992. There was a Crying Virgin Painting seen in Chicago's HOLY TRINITY CHURCH on 9/9 of 2019. The first Virgin Mary Apparition was approved in the United States in Wisconsin that became a state on 5/29. It was done on 12/8 of 2010 on my mother's birthday for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Jane's fiance is Michael Cordero played by Brett JORDAN Dier who looks like my 1998 former boss Pat. Pat was born 2/6 for Massachusetts Statehood. The 6th State of Massachusetts is the 6th Sign Postal Abbreviation "MA" meaning Virgo Mother or Virgin Mother for Jane the Virgin. The show went into syndication in 2014 and I worked for Pat in 1998 way before the show went on the air as a Virgin. My daughter Jordan has deceased twin brothers born 4/24. Jane as Jan/E with E as the 5th Letter is "Jan E" (January 5th). When you subtract my birthday 5/29 - 4/24, you get 1/5 or Jan 5 as "Jan E."
My daughter Jordan used to live with her mother and grandmother just like the character Jane Villanueva who lives with her mother Xiomara and grandmother Alba. "AL/BA" means "1st 12th/2nd 1st" Letters as 1+12/2+1 =r 13/3 which is opposite of Jordan's birthday 3/13 in the Sign of Pisces that is opposite of Virgo for the Virgin. If Virgo is for Virginity as 13/3, then Jordan born in Pisces opposite Virgo is 3/13. When Jane meets Michael Cordero, she is wearing a Tiara on her birthday. Jordan wore a Tiara on her birthday and there was an Earthquake in Hawaii 3/13 of 2019 because her friend Jade is Filipino like me and from Hawaii like my stepdad who is Filipino born and raised in Hawaii. His mother was "Natividad DeJesus" born Christmas Day. The Hawaiian 3/13 Earthquake symbolizes "Jade the Virgin." Another indirect reference to ROD and JORDAN in "Jane the Virgin" Season 5 Episode 3 is when Michael Cordero played by actor Brett JORDAN Dier gets his memory back when a Fishing ROD he tried to give to Jane pokes a hole in the ceiling of Jane's front PORCH referring to the city of "(POR)t or (CH)ard, Washington" where I grew up.
Season 5 Episode 10 titled "Chapter 91" is where one of the final episodes aired 5/29 of 2019 on my 44th birthday because the 91st Element on the Periodic Table is PA meaning Father. I'm Jordan's "famous Celebrity dad" Rodrigo referring to Rogelio whose character is Juan Rodrigo Castillo. Juan is John in Spanish translating to the calendar date 11/11 when Washington became a state 11/11 of 1889. Rodrigo is my middle name. Castillo is "Castle" in Spanish. The Psychic TV Show "Stranger Things" with the Hawkins Government Laboratory mirroring the Manchester Government Laboratory is Castle Byers referring to my childhood home with Castle Turrets as the "House of EL" or the "House of the Psychic." El is short for Eleven whose real name is Jane (the Virgin). 3/17 of 1979 "Saturday Night Live" with Margot Kidder said Superman is Virgin and that 1933 Superman is Psychic. "iZombie" set in Seattle, WA came out 3/17 of 2015 about a zombie pretending to be a Psychic set in Washington State. If Superman is Virgin and Psychic and belongs to the House of EL, then EL in "Stranger Things" would be the House of EL. In "Stranger Things" 2.3, the science teacher is talking about Phineas Gage who had an Iron ROD thrust through his skull and survived. In that same episode, David K. Harbour as Sheriff Hopper has Eleven help him fix up the cabin in the woods and plays "Don't Mess Around with Jim" by Croce making reference to Superman. The music producer Rod Franklin goes by the name Clark Kent. Season 2 Episode 3 is also the only time someone with the name Jordan (Susan JORDAN Roush) is listed in the TV Show Film and Cast. It starred Sean Astin. Aside from Montana JORDAN who plays Georgie in "Young Sheldon" set in Texas, the only other person with the name JORDAN in the "Big Bang Theory" IMDB Film Crew is the stunt double JORDAN Thoma. "Big Bang Theory" Season 3 Episode 2 "Psychic Vortex" that aired 1/11 of 2010 is when Leonard gets upset that Penny consulted a Psychic and Sheldon poses as Green Lantern superhero Hal JORDAN. I'm Psychic with a daughter Jordan mirroring 1959 "Twilight Zone" host ROD Serling as Psychic Rod and 2019 "Twilight Zone" host JORDAN Peele. Just like in Season 5 of Jane the Virgin that has my birthday 5/29 of 2019, "Twilight Zone" Season 5 had episodes land on 3/13 of 1964 (Jordan's birthday) and 5/29 of 1964 (my birthday). I cite calendar dates embedded in Hollywood History to validate my claim I'm an Entertainment Industry Psychic and where you can trace my bloodline through almost 80 years worth of Hollywood History as a Genetic Code.
Just like in "Jane the Virgin," Jordan as my daughter didn't know she had a famous Celebrity father. That would be me as the father Rogelio where one of his characters is named Juan RODRIGO Castillo. Castillo is "Castle" in Spanish. Actor Jaime Camil plays Rogelo. His name as an acronym is J+A[I]M[E] C(A)M(IL) meaning 11/13 example of the 3/13 Not of Texas. Jordan is born 3/13 and in Texas. 2019 Governor of Texas is Greg Abbott born 11/13.
The other Virgin Symbol is the film "Evan Almighty" starring 40 Year Old Virgin actor Steve Carell. Morgan Freeman as God says Evan was born 6/15. The flood is tied to LONG LAKE, WASHINGTON DC named after Senator Long played by actor John Goodman. I'm VIRGIN from Port Orchard, WA that has LONG LAKE, WASHINGTON and parents who wed 6/15 as ARK Statehood. Evan is asked to build an ARK.
There was a freak tornado that hit Port Orchard, WA on 12/18 of 2018 behind the Port Orchard Walmart. After I moved out of Washington State, I moved into a house that is behind a California Walmart. When you overlap the two maps using Walmart as a marker, the area where the Tornado touched down in Port Orchard marks the location of my new house. This ties to my research about how Earth is alive with an Electromagnetic Field Neural Network Hive Mind as a Queen Bee with 8 billion Subconscious Minds of people as Worker Bees creating the Cumulative Consciousness of the Planet.
The Twin Earthquakes in WA and CA on 7/12 of 2019 is because my mother immigrated to the United States on 7/12 of 1968. It's also the birthday of actress Cheryl Ladd whose daughter is JORDAN ELIZABETH Ladd. My honorary adopted daughter is JORDAN ELIZABETH Craig. Cheryl Ladd plays the mother of Agent Sarah Walker in the TV Show "Chuck." Jordan Craig is for James Bond spy "Dan Craig" born 3/2 when Texas seceded 3/2 of 1861.
"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is Rebecca with Filipino Josh. My ex is Rebecca born 3/4 and I'm Filipino with a classmate Josh Ferguson born 3/4 whose mother is Rebecca and wife is Rebekah. Scott M. Foster as Nathaniel Plimpton was born 3/4. Actress Lyndon Smith plays Nathaniel's brief love interest Mona because the currency used in Second Life where I met Rebecca is the LINDEN and her last name is SMITH. Rebecca and I have clashed over the years. She was the one who forced me to unpublish my original 2012 book series under threat of lawsuit, which is unfortunate because you don't get to see the original content I wrote about the Psychic Field. Thankfully, we patched things up.
Another place you see me and my daughter Jordan is in the TV Show "Frasier" set in Washington State where I'm from. When "Frasier" 5.5 "1,000th Episode" was filming in Seattle, WA, I was an extra. I'm seen standing behind Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce after they throw the fish in front of them at Pikes Place Market. I'm in a gray suit wearing a pink long sleeve and tie. It aired on 11/11 which is Washington Statehood. Jordan's biological father is born 11/13. The "200th Episode" of Frasier 9.8 aired on 11/13 of 2001. Daphne Moon is a MANCHESTER, United Kingdom Psychic. I'm a MANCHESTER, Washington Psychic. David Hyde Pierce plays Niles Crane in love with the Psychic Daphne. Niles is a River. Jordan is a River. The name Daphne is actually (Jor)da[...]E. The PH is the Internet symbol for the Philippines because I'm Filipino. The last name is Moon because it's opposite of the Sun. Washington Statehood is 11/11 meaning the name JOREL as Superman's father where Superman gets his powers from the Sun. The Sun is opposite of the Moon and Jordan is born 3/13 like Lois Lane actress Dana Delany as the character Jordan Shaw. Lois Lane is the opposite of Superman. So in the TV Show, they just flipped the "Psychic" and "River" Hashtags.
I DO NOT DO PSYCHIC READINGS. I'm NOT Clairvoyant. I work in the Business Sector like a Magical Horseshoe who amplifies your Good Luck strengthening your Business and Networking Pursuits. People tend to stereotype Psychics thinking we're all mind-readers. We're not. That's like thinking all Asians are the same Asian is Psychic. But you have Filipino (Telepathic), Japanese (Telekinesis), Chinese (Clairvoyance), etc. Most people who don't work in the Psychic Field or where their experience is based off of what they saw a Psychic do on a TV Show or a Movie was written by a Script Writer who knows little about the Psychic Field and is making things up. That becomes the measuring stick of most Non-Psychics trying to grade if someone is Psychic.
My objective is to teach people about the Psychic Field using Scientific examples of Earth's Electromagnetic Field as a Social Media Platform. By showing it exists, then people will be more open or accept people who are Psychic. Currently, Psychics are often misunderstood and persecuted. On Social Media, we get "shadow banned" and seen as con artists or scammers. That's because real con artists and scammers exploit the Psychic Field for their own personal gain creating a bad reputation for legitimate Psychics. I'm trying to create more Public Awareness and showing the Psychic Field does exist and even affects the Entertainment Industry with the TV Shows, Movies, and Music that influence Pop Culture.
9/28/2019: If you read my previous books published before September 2014, you'll see I took Screen Shots to show how the news mirrors whatever I would say and do every 24 hours. There were a lot of spelling errors and typos because I'm doing this as a one-man operation. If you trying to show proof that news mirrors you, you have to go fast and publish immediately. The longer I wait, the more skeptics and critics will argue that I cheated and just "doctored" my readings or "faked a reading" by waiting to see what the news said and then "rolling back the date" to make it look like I said something a day before it happened. That's why I like using Twitter that doesn't allow you to edit a Tweet once it is posed and it gets marked with a Time Stamp showing when you said it.
MISCELLANEOUS NOTES: Closet Cryptologist. Recreational Graphic Artist. Typical Absentminded Professor buried in research. Teleology Enthusiast.
If you have this deep longing for new and inspiring books and have a thing for chickens, let me be your Mr. Write :)

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