Blend Your Way To Bliss

This book is for people who want to upgrade their smoothie experience to the next level. This book is for you if you are willing to invest in your health and get the proper ingredients that are needed to deliver the results you want and deserve. Download Blend Your Way To Bliss today and discover the Blend Smarter experience for yourself. More

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About Adam Collins

Adam Collins is a bestselling author and passionate seeker of high performance nutrition solutions that are based around a plant based diet rich in Superfoods and Super herbs.

Adam is the founder of Superfood Snacks® Inc., which was one of the first companies to introduce a raw chocolate snack into the natural foods industry in 2006. With Adam at the lead, Superfood Snacks was one of the pioneers of the world's first printed food package that is made with non-GMO compostable packaging materials. This changed the packaging industry forever.

His experience in creating Superfood Snacks inspired him to help other aspiring entrepreneurs get their projects out to the world. Adam also teaches ethical entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses by helping others and using social marketing. He believes entrepreneurs with a positive intent can make a very big impact in the world and provide crucial solutions to better humanity.

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