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Dr.Pratayksha Bhardwaj is a well known personality in weight reduction system. He him Self a legend. He has been won two times gold medal in weight management. He has been establish this company by his own honesty & hardworking. The foundation of Shree Slimming Tea’s Corporation is laid by Dr.Pratayksha,He is also one of the biggest example of his weight management programm. More
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About Shree Skin Care & Slimming Centre Dr Pratayksha

Dr Pratayksha Bhardwaj is a well known Personality in weight management.
He is two time gold medallist in Weight Management with his honesty & hard work.
The foundation of Shree Slimming Tea's Corporation was laid by Dr Pratayksha.
He is the Biggest Example of his weight management program.
He Reduce 28Kg in the Period of 5 Months without Exercise & Dieting by his own made slimming tea compositions without any side effect.
He belongs to a very small town Jagadhri, Haryana.
He started his journey from a very small room & now he is running his own big platform set-up & manny franchise, dealerships in metro cities.
His avent-grade & tremendous achievements tells his success stories.
He won manny award from national & international organisations.
As his name "Pratayksha" he Proves that
"Fact Does Not Require Proff to Stand Correct"
"Pratayksh Ko Parman Ki Kya Awayashakta"
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