Ten thousand year old boats found on Britain's hillsides

On the hillsides of Britain are chalk and stone remnants of monuments that are between five and ten thousand years old. These monuments are curious for they are long and thin in shape, surrounded by moats and our ancestors placed their dead inside for their last journey - the problem is these symbolic images were built thousands years before ships were supposedly invented. More
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About Robert John Langdon

Robert John Langdon is a writer, historian and social philosopher who worked as an analyst for the government and some of the largest corporations and education institutes in Britain including British Telecommunications, Cable and Wireless, British Gas and University of London.

Since his retirement five years ago, Robert has studied Archaeology, Philosophy and Quantum Mechanics at University College London, Birkbeck College, The City Literature Institute and Museum of London. He has three children and two grandchildren and lives on the South Downs in East Sussex, where he owns a book shop which sells his literature and associated maps and prints.

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Book Titles:

The Stonehenge Enigma, ABC Publishing Group, ISBN: 9781907979019, 2010.

The Stonehenge Enigma - second edition, ABC Publishing Group, ISDN: 978190797026, 2013.

Planned Book Titles:

Dawn of the Lost Civilisation, ABC Publishing Group - TBA

Echoes of Atlantis, ABC Publishing Group – TBA

Other Publications:

Langdon’s Prehistoric Map Series, ABC Publishing Group, Wiltshire UK - December 2013

Ancient Wiltshire - Atlas, ABC Publishing Group - TBA

Langdon’s Prehistoric Map Series, ABC Publishing Group, South Downs UK - TBA

Ancient South Downs - Atlas, ABC Publishing Group - TBA

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