I Eat Butterflies: Tales of Vampires, Mages & Mutants

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Do you like sinister & sexy female vampires? How about old Celtic magic with a new tech twist? Or maybe you’re just in the mood for a dark and dangerous sci fi vision of the near future. Then I EAT BUTTERFLIES is the book for you. More

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About Raven c.s. McCracken

Raven c.s. McCracken currently lives in Seattle, Washington, with his Welsh corgi Bannor. In his spare time, Raven enjoys wombat training, untying and retying his shoes, and terraforming the sun with dehydrated water.

Raven c.s. McCracken is perhaps best known for his creation: The World of Synnibarr. For which he has sincerely apologized, except for the Flying Grizzlies.

He offers these explanations: Choose one.
A: “There was no INTERNET!”
B: “I had a spare decade lying around.”
C: “It takes a lot of paperwork to play god.”
D: “I was thrown in a small cage, sent forward in time via the astral plane, and forced to create Synnibarr for a bunch of inbred hillbilly …uh…Viking chess masters, yes!… No wait!… Myopic alien Viking vampire speed readers on steam-powered robot ninja dinosaur ghosts secretly protecting Area 51 and the Holy Grail, from the wicked hovercraft riding pan-dimensional hypoglycemic mutant werewolf conservative shaman strippers in mystic leather tube-tops! They made me do it! If I failed, they said that the fate of every extension cord in Indonesia was at stake!”
E: “All of the above.”

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I EAT BUTTERFLIES: Tales of Vampires, Mages & Mutants Book Trailer
Book Trailer for I Eat Butterflies by Raven c.s. McCracken on YouTube. It's a trio of horror / urban fantasy / sci fi tales that are dark and erotic, fast-paced and funny.

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Bex reviewed on on Jan. 16, 2012

I have to say that I was really surprised by how much I ended up liking this book! Yes, it did sound good, but at the same time I was afraid it wouldn’t be something for me. I love sexy, dark fantasy stories sure, but I’ve never been a huge fan of Science-Fiction. But since there was more than one story to go on, I decided I’d give it a try, and I’m definitely not disappointed!
Something I can say for all of these stories is that I found them both well-written and in a writing style I loved. Sometimes it’s hard getting into new styles of writing, especially with shorter stories, but I had no problem at all. Rather, I was thrown into the first story right away! No complaints there. The second one was a bit harder to get into, but I quickly got back on track and the third one didn’t give me a chance to slow down at all; the first sentences were just too teasing for me not to find out what was happening! Sadly, in my opinion, all of these stories definitely could have been more developed; it’s almost like each of them could have needed their own book. Especially the third one—there was just too much scientific information for such a short story. Oh, and if you don’t like those BOM endings when you’re left in shock? Perhaps the last story isn’t for you either. I was in serious shock after reading that ending; I turned the page and it actually took a few seconds before I realized it was actually over.
If we’ll overlook the pace of the story (and amount of information) I loved them all! Seriously. They were unique and very well thought out and I admire the author for having such an amazing imagination. And they certainly were darker stories, especially The Brides of Dracula and Velocity Syndrome. I loved the take on Dracula’s Brides and all of the twists and turns in that stories; a lot of side characters, all being connected in the end. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard about any take on Dracula similar to that one before! But the same goes for Merlin’s Knot and Velocity Syndrome as well. Merlin’s Knot was a favourite because of the magic (which I adore) and I absolutely loved Phreak. He was probably my favourite character together with his children! And Velocity Syndrome… Well, I’m not sure what to say really. A dark action story with a frustrating ending! But definitely not easy to forget about; it’s probably the one I remember the most actually.
I Eat Butterflies definitely include some sexy and darker stories and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it if it sounds like something for you! It gives you what it promises, no doubt about it. I will have to check out more books from this author.
(reviewed 11 months after purchase)
Lexxie L reviewed on on June 13, 2011

The first story; 'The Brides' was really hard to follow, with too many characters for such a short story. And characters having barely met each other saying 'I love you' did not make a lot of sense to me.

Merlin's Knot was a fun story, different kind of sorcery going on, and a nice view of the Morrigan in modern times:) Characters were introduced in ways I got, and there was a lot of humour. It was also a story that made more sense, with fewer characters, and with a real ending.

Velocity Syndrome had a lot of potetional, but it wasn't really meshed out enough to make a stand-alone story IMO. I totally got the why of this one though, Big Brother hadn't only arrived, he had totally moved in with everyone.
(reviewed 84 days after purchase)
A. Rosaria reviewed on on May 28, 2011

The stories in themselves are okay to good: Velocity Syndrome being the better one. While reading I had the feeling that the author was new at the craft of writing. This was evident from his overuse of "purple" prose, so much it distracted me from reading his story, which is a pity. Luckily he improved. In his third short story "Velocity Syndrome" he writes much more fluent and readable. Because of that I could immerse myself better in the third story than the previous two.

The brides was a drag to read. The story is an interesting one. It's a new way (for me at least) describing vampires. However the writing was distracting, and this made reading it less enjoyable. For example in the story the brides talking amongst themselves about the past, one retells the story how they started. A flashback by retelling. It's nice getting some back-story, but it's weird and awkward way of doing it. Why would one of the three people, who have lived and experienced the event, retell this to the other two who lived it along with her? It's made it too obvious it being a flashback, and this can distract readers.

The story picked up when the brides found a new prince. The writing started to flow better at the end. This made it more a pity, that while improving in his writing style, the story suffered a little fall. It felt chunks were left out, and stuff started happening ad hoc. The ending was a little abrupt and left things not so clear. It felt it rushed by leaving me to ask my self; "What happened!"

MERLIN’S KNOT is less flowerly written. The story follows a clearer path than The Brides. It has an interesting take on magic and technology. Too bad the story gets convoluted by having too much going on at once. I'm sure some will like that. To me it has an B action movie feel to it. There are things added to the story that I felt were not there to add to the story(because it didn't make sense), but for the cool factor. However the writer is improving in his craft. Merlin's knot is less a drag to read.

Velocity Syndrome is more coherent and read fluent compared to the first two, it is less distracting written. I enjoyed reading this one. The setting is great and the story draws you in. At the end it has a twist, only too bad it is a tad confusing.

From reading "I Eat Butterflies: Tales of Vampires, Mages & Mutants" I have come to believe Raven c.s. McCracken has an imaginative mind and that he shows he improves with every word written. If he keeps writing I'm sure he'll come to a point he'll be writing great stories. These being his first, they are however not so great, but still worth reading.
(reviewed 69 days after purchase)
Cherie Stokes reviewed on on April 11, 2011

The book "I Eat Butterflies" is in fact 3 different stories.

The first "The Brides" was a fantastically written story about the Brides of Dracula. It is dark, sinister and clever. It was almost like a cross between an old school horror book, the TV show Dexter (yes the one about the serial killer) and a cop show. I think because of this it appealed to me, being a fan of all of these.

The second story "Merlin's Knot" was a complex but excellent story. The story revolves around an old magical Celtic code being unraveled and giving one man access to Merlin's Book, which of course then brings magic and power. Once found, the many groups who have been searching for the same book all come out of the woodwork to try to get their hands on it. All of the groups are interesting in their own right, using various styles of magic to track down the new owner of the book. The other thing that I loved about this story was that amongst all this ancient magic was the technology of artificial intellegence. Certainly my favourite of all three stories.

The third book "Velocity Syndrome" was correctly described as "An Orwellian take on the near future, set in Seattle, where there are groups of low-powered mutants, humans have chips in their brains, and the world is drowning". Whilst interesting and well written, this kind of story really isn't my cup of tea so I didn't enjoy it as much compared to the first two.

A worthy read - I enjoyed it.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

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