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When Corin was chosen to endure the Descent to become a paladin of his Order, he didn't know what to expect. The test was a mystery nobody talked about, but he was hoping the Goddess would protect him on this journey.
However, what he didn't know, was that the apparition accompanying him during this time would force him to confess his deepest secrets, and feelings for his student, Walkar.
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About Jonathan Mason

I was born on 3rd December, 1981 in Eastern Europe. I was always attracted to arts in any form or shape: painting, drawing, dancing, writing and acting - you name it, I tried it all. Even modeling. Yes, I was a model, a teenage model. For three months. It was fun and everything, but I wanted to express myself differently all the time.
Now, I'm sticking to writing for a while. Would like to see how that goes. Wish me luck.

Also in Series: Brotherhood of the Rose

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Review by: K T on Jan. 18, 2015 :
A very interesting story - read the whole thing in one sitting. The trials faced by Corin held deep meanings and tested at his mental and emotional capability, and the romance between him and Walkar was very sweet and endearing to read (it's really refreshing to see a romance blossom without the overrused erotica).

Overall, this was a really intruging story; if you're looking for a quick read of fantasy and deep romance, I'd definitely recommend this!
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Review by: Martin Vilany on July 11, 2014 : (no rating)
Full review:
Brotherhood of the Rose is an Order of paladins, warriors and monks, established centuries ago, worshiping the Goddess of Beauty.
The Order is small, it is a proper order and it has a sister order (not mentioned) and another monk order, that resides on the opposite side of the mountain.
Corin Lorius is 25 and is a knight in the order chosen to endure Descent to be blessed to paladin-hood. He was chosen by three elder paladins who as well survived the Descent years ago. His best student, Walkar, helps him prepare for the journey. During this procedure, the subtle romantic feelings are shown between them, mostly from Walkar. Corin is a bit scared, but is calm, because "if he dies there is nothing to lose." Walkar hopes he will see the knight again.
Luren, a mage-for-hire teleports the knight into the Descent.
The test consists of three tests and the personage creating the tests is revealed in the final test, but how the final test is to be passed is not revealed.
Corin is blessed to be a paladin, but he wishes to express his feelings for Walkar. As he leans for a kiss, a strange feeling overcomes his student and he sees it as if Walkar is not interested in him that way and they don't kiss.
Overall, the story is written in an extremely soft fashion and the author plays with romance in non-erotic way, which makes this suitable for younger adults, or teenagers.
The fantasy world has it's own language, translated in notes at the end with hyperlinks.
Very good and free read. I will not rate this based on stars, as to not seem biased, because I know the author personally.
I would recommend this for readers who like romance and short novelettes. As far as I know there will be several additions very soon!
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Review by: Carlos Vapp on July 9, 2014 :
Finally a book that is romantic and not in any way sexually explicit. Young gay men need stories like this one, it shows that romance and true feelings are not dead!
This is a short story about a knight, who has to endure a test to be made a paladin.
He is in love with a monk and the monk loves him back, but as they want to kiss for the first time, something unknown happens and they don't kiss and blame the other for not wanting it.
I hope the second book is going to be out real soon!
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Review by: Tomas Koukal on July 9, 2014 :
Corin is a knight of Order of the Rose and is going to endure a test of faith called Descent. If he passes, he will be blessed as paladin. Nothing is known about the test, some knights died and those who passed don't talk about it.
Corin is a bit cocky with higher self-esteem, but the test of faith teaches him a lesson of something important in his life. The final test is not described at all and is left to imagination, as the protagonist passes it but is severely wounded, physically and mentally.
Every character in the story has something unknown and secret about them and there are subtle hints as to what it is, but nothing solid.
Corin secretly loves one of the monks and during the test, he has to admit it. The monk has feelings for him as well, but they don't know about each other's affection.
Very romantic, subtle and softly written. A lot of hidden sybolism about today's struggles of young gay men and women. Dialogues are sometimes witty and fun, in other places they describe only what will happen in the future. Corin is lovable but has a warrior of faith feeling to him removed during the test and he reforms into a sensitive adult man who is trying to come to terms with his own feelings.
A lot of very subtle romantic and intimate scenes, made me shiver with anticipation. Not only for young gay men.
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