Feelings Within

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Couple of months passed after Walkar and Corin nearly kissed. Walkar is sad and wants to leave the place, but there is nowhere to go. After he injures Keltas during training, an old monk helps him find out who he really is and where his future lies. Dark secrets and questions unravel from his past and Corin tries to protect him, even if it can cost him his place in the Order.
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About Jonathan Mason

I was born on 3rd December, 1981 in Eastern Europe. I was always attracted to arts in any form or shape: painting, drawing, dancing, writing and acting - you name it, I tried it all. Even modeling. Yes, I was a model, a teenage model. For three months. It was fun and everything, but I wanted to express myself differently all the time.
Now, I'm sticking to writing for a while. Would like to see how that goes. Wish me luck.

Also in Series: Brotherhood of the Rose


Review by: Carlos Vapp on July 12, 2014 :
There is so much going on in the second book, and there is so much symbolism I was afraid it'll turn out to be a struggle for being gay (praying for the inner feeling to go away), but actually turned out alright.
Same style of writing, I'm starting to enjoy this.
There is also a short introduction to the thieves' guild, another different kind of world opening, I hope the author will expand on the idea.
For a free read, really enjoyable.
(review of free book)
Review by: Martin Vilany on July 11, 2014 : (no rating)
Full Review:
Corin started to work as city guard in Crimfield. He reluctantly confesses his feelings for Walkar to Keltas at work. He avoids Walkar, because he believes he thinks badly of him. Corin is scared, that because he tried to kiss him, he made a fool of himself and that his feelings are not returned.
Walkar ponders about leaving the monastery. He then harms Keltas during training and infuses him with Khi.
Fareh, an old monk is called for help. He is interested in Walkar, because he wants to know who he is. Veritas wants Walkar to leave, because he doesn't want somebody like him to dwell in the monastery.
When Corin finds out, he decides to protect Walkar at all costs and decides to win his heart again slowly. Fareh also knows he's in love with Walkar and vice-versa, but doesn't tell them about their respective feelings.
The elder paladins leave abruptly and Corin is in charge with Fareh for the time being.
This second novelette in the series focuses on Walkar and who he is.
Free short read, not only for young gay men.
(review of free book)
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