Stock Market Investing for Employees

Stock Market Investing for Employees is a book specially written for employees. The financial community has made the stock market so puzzling for the layman that many people have come to dread the market. In reality, stock market investing is easy and all common sense. This book will tell you all you need to know about the stock market and how to operate in it—profitably. More

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About Vibhu Vats

Like most people I am an employee. 

For many years I have been investing in stocks. My motivation behind writing this book is to empower employees to take control of their financial destinies and improve their financial outcomes through stocks. Being an employee myself, I have realized that employees are rightly positioned to profit from the immense potential of stocks. However, due to the conspiracy of the financial community, which has made the stock market utterly confusing for the layman, employees prefer to keep out of the stock market. Many have come to regard it as some form of gambling, when the stock market is a lifetime opportunity for all of us to alter our fortunes.

I am an autodidact and a generalist. I have an engineering degree. I have chosen not to pursue a career in the engineering field as having pursued the engineering course I realized that I was no longer interested in engineering. I have an avid interest in humanities and business and investing. I have coached myself on investing by reading many books. Stock Market Investing for Employees is an assimilation of what I have learnt from the many books I have read on stock market investing and of my real life experience in the stock market.

Having studied the stock market in detail, I have been fortunate to decode its puzzling nature. The stock market is not puzzling per se. It is the many flawed ways people operate in the market which make it puzzling. Anyone can be successful in the stock market. I am saying this from my first-hand experience in the stock market. And I am sure that after reading this book, you will also be of the same opinion.

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