No Solid Ground: Renewable Contentment and Sustainable Happiness in an Age of Uncertainty

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As we move deeper into the Sixth Extinction, both Earth and our global society are increasingly becoming more unstable. This growing instability is having far-reaching effects in body and mind. No Solid Ground presents a time-honored spirited journey designed to help us cultivate renewable contentment and sustainable happiness, even in the midst of continuous and unavoidable uncertainty. More
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About Jeffrey Joe Miller

Jeffrey Joe Miller holds master’s degrees in clinical psychology and counseling psychology, with specialized training in ecopsychology and somatic psychology. For several decades, he has studied ancient ways of life, traditional health care and dietary systems, and the oral and written records of the distant past. He writes, maintains an online learning environment and counseling practice, and is directing the production of a video documentary based on the material presented in this book.





Review by: Taite Adams on June 10, 2015 :
Engaging and thought-provoking read - As technological pioneers, we really seem to think that we've mastered the universe in the 21st century. What most people don't understand is that those that came before us had a much better grasp of what was going on than we do and that we have done a fair job of adding to the chaos. Author Jeffrey Miller addresses these ideas and so much more in his masterfully written "No Solid Ground". A book that takes the reader back through time to present day, showing that all is not as stable as we seem to think it is. Are we doomed? The reader is asked to decide for themselves that question and is given some wonderful tools for personal contentment. I loved this very insightful book that was clearly well-researched and that opened my eyes to some interesting patterns and possibilities.
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Review by: lizzyv on June 9, 2015 :
"No Solid Ground," by Jeffrey Joe Miller, is a powerful read that provokes thoughts about the value of ancient wisdom and the danger of not thinking about the future. Part ancient mystery, part personal development, Miller references the Sixth Extinction Event, a rapid change that poses serious threats to humanity while also sharing how to realign the mind and body.

Miller outlines a number of transformative exercises to help with the process of getting ourselves in sync with the universe. The author's training in psychotherapy is evident in the professional, scientific approach he takes with the topic. He uses concise yet thorough writing to show the power of the interconnectedness of the self, society, and the universe. What I really like about this book is that it's a "big picture" approach to self-improvement. Only by thinking outside oneself can we truly improve ourselves. If you're looking to find contentment and happiness with a spiritual approach based on ancient knowledge, then I'd highly recommend this thought-provoking book to you!
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Review by: Michael on June 8, 2015 :
For long, I have been grappling with a sense of uncertainty over my future and futility of the things I do. I read many books, hoping to find some advice or some answer to my general unhappiness. Did reading professional psychologist and author Jeffrey Joe Miller's “No Solid Ground: Renewable Contentment and Sustainable Happiness in the State of Uncertainty” bring me the happiness I was looking for?

No. But it did something more important. It filled me with a sense of understanding of who I am, about what I do, my life, the world I live in and what should be really expected out of it. I was amazed as I read the book that it's not just my life that is uncertain or unstable – the universe, the earth, nations, human life itself – everything around me deals with uncertainty.

Earthquakes happen regularly, comets can strike any time, calamities occur all through the year, the climate is changing dangerously – so if you're one of those people who feels that it's just about you, it's time to wake up – we live in a highly uncertain world and things may actually get a lot worse in the future than better, because nature has a way of correcting itself. There is No Solid Ground, everything is in a state of flux – that is the central thesis of Mr. Miller's brilliant book.

So what's the solution? Mr. Miller offers 5 steps that are an essential condition for organic contentment and happiness – Reflect, Release, Realize, Refine and Revolve. I will go through each of them briefly.

Reflect – Reflect on the universe, earth, human life. Identify the problems that plague the modern society and the madness of denying the reality of the earth and life itself.

Release – Once you understand the problem and its causes, it is time to Let Go.

Realize – Find an antidote to the everyday madness, realize that we can be kind and caring to others, not disconnected and alienated.

Refine – Turning from a state of emergency into a state of confidence and effective emergence. Refine is essentially about liberation, understanding who we really are.

Revolve - We realize how we are not isolated, but in a constant relationship with time and universal energy.

Mr. Miller has detailed descriptions of several exercises as well, that help you contemplate, make sense of the world and find peace within yourself, amid all the uncertainly around you. This was a deeply satisfying, intelligently written book, and made me think, contemplate, and hopefully, change. Very impressive.
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Review by: Danielle Urban on April 23, 2015 :
No Solid Ground is one fascinating read that will give readers a new look at how our ancient ancestors thought about the earth and sky and how natural processes deeply affect us on a regular basis. From our ancestor's texts, symbols, and architectural structures to studying potential disasters such as climate extremes, falling meteors, and periodic madness, the author makes us realize that it is our own ignorance and forgetfulness of that past that makes real contentment and happiness rare in our lives.

Jeffrey Joe Miller has masterfully woven together a masterpiece of a nonfiction book. There were so many things I learned as I moved through this incredible journey he takes the reader on. I would definitely recommend this book to readers world-wide. The author gives ample research to back up everything he talks about in Part 1 of the book (much of it quite surprising to read) and the exercises at the end of each chapter in Part II are very valuable and clear to understand. A very interesting and psychological perspective on everything we know placed into a whole new light. I rate this book five star!
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