Once Upon A Cloud

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High in the atmosphere of a gas giant planet, strange creatures live out their lives in the sky.
An alien perspective on youth, old age, life, the universe, and everything.
This is a tale told entirely from the point of view of the alien creatures themselves.
No hard science, no space ships or galactic empires, and definitely no humans. More
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About K. L. Schaefer

The single most important thing to me is that I’m a writer. Oh sure, I’ve done a lot of other things during my life, but none of those things mean as much to me as this does. However, I'm not trying to earn a living as a writer. All I really want is to have people read what I've written. That's why I have everything free.

I write what I call Anthropological Science Fiction: no hard science, no space ships or galactic empires, and definitely no humans. I prefer to imagine what other sorts of sentient beings on faraway planets might be like, especially ones who reproduce in ways very unlike we do, and then figure out what their societal arrangements might be like as a result.

Of course, truly alien creatures on a very different planet would very likely be so different that we would barely be able to understand them in our own terms. As a result, most Science Fiction "aliens" are really humans in disguise. Mine are no exception to that rule. But instead of the typical "humans land on strange planet and learn about the aliens" plot, I always write from the point of view of my invented creatures and there are no humans involved.

My first two ebooks are rather short, but I now have a full-length novel about yet another type of creature with unusual methods of reproduction. "Walls of Ancient Stone" tells the story of a Rillenu named Daveeka, a childless male of a race of marsupials, where only females and Fathers are of any consequence. He starts out wanting nothing more than the child that will bring him honor and respect, but ends up undermining the walls of tradition and assumption that form the basis of his society.

As for me personally, I live in the Sunny South, not too far from the hurricane-ridden shores of North Carolina, along with my partner, my cat, and a longtime friend.
I can be contacted at KLSchaefer@suddenlink.net I'm always glad to hear from my readers. And, of course, I’d greatly appreciate a review if you enjoyed this ebook.

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Review by: kikical on June 21, 2018 :
so poetic! it moved me deeply.
a really creative and original story written with sensitivity and a fantastic style.
this short story opens a world before us we would never want to leave.
(review of free book)

Review by: DC Christi on May 24, 2018 :
This gem brings you out of the everyday world and a smile to your face. It is a delight and a wonder. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.
(review of free book)

Review by: Thomas Rota on Aug. 08, 2016 :
This story brought me right up into their world, and into their life cycles. I found the writing style to be calm, direct, and highly effective. The imagery even remained in my mind as I slept. Thanks for a great short story!
(review of free book)

Review by: K. Wodke on Oct. 12, 2014 :
Very imaginative and clever. Well written story that brings the reader into the mindset and experience of a non-human. I enjoyed it very much.
(review of free book)

Review by: Daci on Sep. 04, 2014 :
Finding a sf plot that has not been done to death can be quite the challenge these days,however,that being said,this writer has given science fiction a fresh new look.
I find I really enjoy science fiction written from the alien pov. But what I truly enjoy is science fiction with no humans. K.L. Schaefer has done just that and not one human to be found.
The aliens in this story are interesting and compelling and very, very different from your typical little green men, aliens, one sees in so much of science fiction, where a wrinkled forehead equates to an alien. (I'm looking at you, Star Trek.) Anyway,this was quite the page turner and I'm looking forward to more writing by this author with bated breath.
(review of free book)

Review by: Katherine Rylien on Sep. 03, 2014 :
Very original-- I wished it were longer! From the point of view of an intelligent creature who is very different from anything on Earth, and yet I could identify with the main character's feelings and struggles. Highly recommended.
(review of free book)

Review by: James Jenkins on Sep. 01, 2014 :
Less than 10,000 words to build an unusual planet, populated it with multiple creatures and have a life & death adventure.

Well done, completely believable.
(review of free book)

Review by: Andrew Marx on Aug. 05, 2014 :
At once a riveting short work and an excellent introduction to the author's style and sensibility. The story is a lifecycle of an alien being on an imagined planet somewhere far away from planet Earth. Tightly written, intelligent prose that is both compelling and artfully descriptive. A well-crafted, intentional story arc that is elevated by the author's ability to describe an alien creation in an utterly believable way.
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