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The God book is designed for those who are seeking to know more about God, and increase their faith in Jesus Christ. It features Christian foundational topics, God's Promises from His Word, and a Daily Discovering God Devotional. This book helps you to have a deeper intimacy with God. Topics include Faith, Salvation, The Holy Spirit, Healing, Deliverance, and many more. More
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About Robert Woeger

Robert Woeger was born in 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a Christian evangelist, minister, and author, and has been doing Christian Evangelism using The Internet since 1995. Robert is interested in various areas of Christianity, such as Prayer, Healing, Deliverance, God's Presence, The Holy Spirit, Evangelism, and Faith. In January 2014, he released the book, "God," which features Christian foundational topics, God's Promises from His Word, and a Daily Discovering God Devotional, which helps people to have deeper intimacy with God. Robert has travelled extensively, and enjoys ministering at Christian churches and conferences. He believes God works miracles today. Salvation through Jesus Christ is the greatest miracle a person can receive. Robert's favorite quote about God is: "I am nothing, He is everything!"

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Lilu Westerly reviewed on Aug. 23, 2014

I have to say that my walk with God is a new one, but it is books like this that have helped me to very easily and quickly become steeped in His Word, the Bible, my Christian path and more. Robert Woeger offers' readers an insightful, thoughtful and down-to-earth guide that allows you to delve into the teachings of Jesus, the foundations of faith and the deeper meanings behind the power of God. It's wonderfully written with a true passion to convey understanding, strengthening and love of your Christian faith and the walk you take every day with Him. Overall, this was a great choice for improving my walk with God and helping me to find deeper meaning and understanding of my own faith.
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David Rice reviewed on Aug. 13, 2014

I was looking for anything and everything I could that would make this pamphlet worthy of praise; I looked in vain, since there is nothing new here that has not been said about dozens of gods over the past 4,000+ years. If you have the time you might find the sermon worth few minutes of your life to waste.
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