It's the summer of '76 and a nice Cuban family living in exile in Austin, Texas is thrilled when their teenage duaghetr is befriended by another teenage Cuban girl. It's a happy time for all until their once-lovely daughter turns moody, distant, disturbed, and finally disappears. Their one and only clue an impound notice for her abandoned car. More

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About Steven Paul Wilson

Dear Reader:

I’m writing you this letter to welcome you to StevenPaulWilson.com. As an aspiring author my website is still in its infancy, and as a new novelist, I hope my early novels will gain a following that will in turn allow this site to evolve.

Much as I hate to admit it, because of alcohol, cars and a compulsion to help friends, I’m currently an inmate at the Polunsky Unit, home to Texas’s Death Row, thank God only near it, not on it.

“Write what you know,” the how-to books teach. Hmm, okay, that gave me some pause? I know myself and my talent for getting into trouble. Nothing to write home about, but perhaps entertaining?

Now my thoughts often take me back in time, and this is where I would like to invite you readers to tag along. Go back with me to the year 1976, back to the big city of Austin and its wealthy section, Tarrytown. Back to a time when everything was possible, when my friends and I teemed with optimism, and mortality was not on our radar. I believe you will enjoy our antics, our adventures, perhaps enough to make you smile, laugh, keep you in suspense, make you want to turn the page. I invite you to have some excitement with us, safely, vicariously.

Writing my first novel was the hardest endeavor I have ever embarked upon. There was no path of least resistance, only obstacles to overcome. Now the ball’s in your court. Take a chance and read “Hind- sight,” the first novel in the “Steven Paul” series. I believe you’ll find my friends and me colorful characters. “Vertigo,” second in the series, is soon to be in the editing phase, and the third, titled “Wayward,” will be fast on Vertigo’s heels. I hope you will read and enjoy. I look forward to your feedback. I can be reached through this site or directly via snail mail at: Steven Wilson 1638937, Polunsky Unit, 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, TX 77351, or at Jpay.com for the price of a postage stamp. Selected letters will be printed and answered here. Happy reading!

Sincerely, Steven Paul

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