The Queen of Dutch Clean

"The Queen of Dutch Clean" for the Working Mom.
The working Mom doesn't need to spend hours and hours to clean her house.
Author Christyna Wydenes teach you the tricks in how to spend the minimum time and still accomplish the most!

A MUST for ALL Working Moms!

Available ebook formats: epub

About Christyna Wydenes

I'm a straight forward person that does not believe in miracles or in sweet talk. I do believe that a straight and honest approach last longer than anything else. I'm 30+ years married, so my proof might be in the pudding! Hi HA>>>>a challenge!

I'm born and raised in The Netherlands and live for the last 30 years in the USA. We both, Husband & Me, believe in having at all time respect for the opposite party, no matter the color, the culture, the language or anything. We all have the intention to be good people in this challenging world.

Even though we both have worked with all levels of income, we keep having only one philosophy>> Everybody is the same and nobody is better that anybody as long as we respect each other principles!

My ebook "The Queen of Dutch Clean" is 100% experience, working for top high on the ladder people, they never turned me away, I never turned them away! My method is without any nonsense, without any huff, or fluff, instead, a reasoned, logical and straight forward approach to the subject that is in front of me.

Enjoy the ebook and the time with your family.

Christyna Wydenes

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