Christian Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Practice: Your Key to Forgiving Yourself, Accepting God's Forgiveness, Releasing Guilt and Fear, and Finding Inner Peace

Ho’oponopono means to “make right” and is the Hawaiian code for forgiveness. In this updated and expanded book, author Angela Parish takes the traditional Hawaiian forgiveness practice and adapts it for today’s Christian, providing a powerful technique to help a person forgive himself of deep guilt and subconsciously held pain that originated as early as young childhood. More
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About Angela Parish

I grew up in a small town during the ‘60s, as so many Americans did. My parents were Protestants but not very religious, so I had a lot of freedom to search many paths and areas of faith for myself. I did go to church with my father, where he sang in the choir and taught Sunday school to older children than I.

Our Sunday school had a pleasant enough atmosphere though I wasn’t too impressed with it all. The kind teachers would tell us about Jesus loving us and also that God was our Father in Heaven and He, too, loved us very much. We were to believe in Jesus Christ so that we would go to Heaven when we die. The minister, on the other hand, seemed to concentrate on Hell and punishment if we didn’t live up to God’s commandments.

I often felt inner stirrings of wanting some spiritual connection to God, though I didn’t understand what it was. I would try to read the Bible but, since I always started at Genesis on page 1, it was just dry narrative to me and I couldn’t get very far.
The adults told us to pray to a loving Father in Heaven, but, when I heard them pray, they would tell God in their prayers that they were miserable sinners and so undeserving of His blessings, and then they would then start listing all the things they wanted Him to do, “if it was His will.”

I did not feel particularly sinful — surely God understood the temptations of a little girl — and since Jesus forgave sincere believers, why should I concentrate on being sinful rather than living and being in God’s glory. From a very young age, I felt close to the Holy Spirit, to angels and to Jesus, and never feared God. I wondered why adults did not practice what they taught. My private world with the Savior was safe, though I occasionally ran into others’ mean spiritedness in the outer world of school and, later, adult society.

After I graduated high school, I moved in with my grandmother while attending community college. She was very wise and deeply spiritual and loved me dearly. I loved the hours we spent as she taught me how to deeply experience God’s unlimited love, how to understand the hidden teachings of what Jesus meant when He said things like, “It is done unto you as you believe,” and how to actually live those words. We spent hours in prayer and meditation together, and I experienced firsthand God’s forgiveness and love.

My grandmother also taught me many spiritual “secrets,” that are not taught in church. These included using the healing power of the White Light of Christ and how to tap into this Christ Power to follow God’s Word.
I was blessed to be able to become a church pianist, but, again, I would hear parishioners talk of their unworthiness to receive God’s many blessings, focusing on their trials and tribulations and transgressions as if they were trophies. It was then that I decided to start teaching the beautiful message of Christ’s Love. I realized that I wanted to share my grandmother’s wisdom to those who were ready to receive it.

Everyone’s path in life is unique and many are not ready, willing or open to receiving these deeper teachings. I am not implying that “my” way is the “right” way, but only another signpost pointing to the Summit. It is up to each of us to lend a hand to those who want to walk a particular path with us, and together we walk in the Light of the Lord.
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