The Cured

Henry spent eight years chained to a post. Exposed, starved, infected with the December Plague, and mad. During those eight years, the December Plague consumed most of the world's human population, causing the infected to become violent and cannibalistic. But Henry escaped. And now he's been Cured. He remembers everything. More

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About Deirdre Gould

A severe addiction to Post-apocalyptic literature combined with a lifetime of a very rural existence, first in central Maine and now in northern Idaho naturally led to both of Deirdre's novels: The Jade Seed and After the Cure.
Deirdre's education in anthropology and peace and conflict studies prompted the central idea for After the Cure: How do people live with each other after doing horrendous things to each other? How do societies put themselves together or continue to exist after terrible wars? What is day to day existence like when such violence exists within living memory? Though fiction can never come close to the reality of living with atrocity, it can help us ask important questions about our world and our treatment of each other.
Since living in the woods makes it all too easy to imagine being one of the last people left in the world, After the Cure is only the first novel of several that will take place in a post-apocalyptic, "post-zombie" world.

About the Series: After The Cure
It's been eight years since the December Plague infected 99 percent of humanity. The Infected were driven to kill and compelled to consume other people. The Immune fought back until a cure was discovered and administered to surviving Infected. But the now cured Infected remember what they did during the Plague- and what was done to them. The remains of humanity struggle to pick up the pieces and put civilization back together.

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