The Dracula Virus

There is no possibility of happiness unless we are ourselves, we have to shed the masks we wear and let the real us shine through. All of humanity’s nightmarish problems arise out of our fetish to hide our authentic selves behind a myriad masks, thus suppressing the expression of our divine and authentic selves! Of course, I'm talking about individuals acting in accordance with divine love... More

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About Dr Pan Gabriel

I have a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. Since age 14, when in a moment of vivid clarity, I saw right through the lie that the status quo had taught me about who and or what I am, about what our reality is, I have been on a quest to find the truth and how to create my Miracle Life!

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Below, some of the miracles I accomplished and or witnessed:-

i. An African witchdoctor saved my life when I was stung by a poisonous scorpion at age five in my native Africa.

ii. At age seventeen, my faith in the Infinite/God instantly healed my Mother from life in a mental asylum by my calling on a man of God to anoint her with oil on her forehead and pray for her health.

iii. I managed to stay a virgin till age twenty-six till I met and married my magnificent wife in a sex-crazed world.

iv. After two years of marriage, we still had no children. I once again called on the man of God to anoint both my wife and I with oil on our foreheads and to pray for our health. My wife fell pregnant within the week and we had six wonderful daughters together.

v. My third daughter woke up one morning and could not move one of her arms. My wife and I freaked! We took her to the best doctors who conducted the ‘works’ kind of tests! Diagnosis? Extremely expensive bone-marrow transplant, assuming we could find a compatible donor and then, well, maybe 25% chance she would move her arm again. I once again called on the man of God to pray for my daughter. So, we all got down on our knees and he took a little glass vial filled with olive oil out of his pocket and he rubbed some on her forehead[for those who are interested, the Bible refers to that as anointing the sick with oil, etc.,] laid his hands on her head and said a short prayer to that Higher Power, Divinity, the Universe, God etc., to please heal our little girl. As we opened our eyes after saying ‘amen’, which simply means ‘so be it’, my little girl began moving her arm and has not stopped since 28 years later! She’s now a Physiotherapist, body builder, super strong and in good health!

vi. At another time in my life, I needed an income and I needed it NOW! So, I went to my room alone and opened up a conversation with that Higher Power, Divinity, the Universe, God etc., The long and the short of it was this:-

I wept, I yelled, I pleaded, I said I was not going to take no for an answer! This went on for half an hour or so, I wasn’t timing it, time is of no relevance, anyway! After my chat with that Higher Power, Divinity, the Universe, God etc., I calmed my self down, composed my self and went down to check my fax machine, this was long before the days of Internet, emails, etc. and, lo and behold, the contract that I was ‘struggling-for’ for a month was there, signed and accepted by all parties! And, it made no business-sense, if I were those parties I would not have agreed to such a venture. Yet, that Higher Power, Divinity, the Universe, God etc., saw fit to INSTANTLY place in my hands an apartment complex worth 1.2 million dollars with a net income of $7,500.00 per month, for a $1000.00 down payment which I borrowed from my bank manager! Cool, once again, this was my kind of miracle! INSTANT!

vii. Healing Insanity…

The police burst into the room just in time to pry the seventeen-year old boy’s fingers loose from around his mother’s throat, before he had squeezed the life out of her. The young man was arrested and taken to a home for juvenile delinquents, in a purposely unnamed town[to protect the identities of the people involved] South Africa, for psychological evaluation.

The twelve-year old boy, could not speak a word. His parents, too poor to afford private therapy, decided to ask the state for help. The young boy, was also taken to the above half-way house for psychological evaluation.

Both these two boys, had been “sentenced” to life in mental institutions for the rest of their lives, Joe as an “incurable psychopath”, and Bob as mentally retarded. I took to the challenge of helping these two boys like a pig to mud. I began spending time, with these two boys, as much time as I possibly could. I spent hours just talking to them, befriending them. I played soccer and cricket with them. We threw the discus and the javelin, we ran around, reveling in the raw energy of youth[I was only 22 years old at the time]. Slowly, imperceptibly, a change began occurring in the characters and personalities of both the boys. Joe began to volunteer to help us with the younger boys, it turned out he was a natural leader, we appointed him as a prefect or monitor as we would say in America. Bob began to speak almost overnight, and in a few weeks he was fluent in both the official languages of South Africa, English and Afrikaans(this was before the dismantling of apartheid ofcourse). The resident shrinks were stunned at the positive metamorphosis in the mental well-being of the two boys. They decided to give them a new battery of psychological tests, which both boys passed with flying colours(as if a human being needs shrink tests to declare him ‘compus menti’), manifesting themselves as perfectly normal.

viii. One of the best things that ever happened to me was when I was sentenced to death by firing squad at the tender age of twenty. I was drafted against my will in South Africa’s Apartheid defence force, where as a non-combatant, I stuck out like a sore thumb, was mistreated at every turn, court-martialed for being a non-combatant, and was sent unarmed to the war zone in a foreign country, Namibia. I was denied food and water by my own officers, ridiculed and mocked at every turn. I hold the distinction of being a four-year war veteran on the borders of South Africa, all of it unarmed! I never once violated my non-combatant code, even though they decided one day to shoot me by firing squad in the desert of Ovamboland in Namibia. The Commandant explained to my Regimental Sergeant Major that he couldn’t shoot me by firing squad, it was my legal right to take the stand I had taken. “Hell hath no fury..” goes the saying as a Regimental Sergeant Major loosing face like that. The man persecuted me at every chance he got. But, you know what? I did my job so well that he could find no fault. Also, I volunteered to stand guard unarmed on the Zambezi river, facing the “enemy”, and I did, many times. Finally, I convinced him, that I was no coward, that I was not shirking my duty, but that I had a conviction that was different to his. He learnt to respect my stand as I did his. And about a week before the end of our tour of duty, he called me to the front of the morning parade facing the whole of our battalion. He put his arm around me and declared to all that he was now my friend and that if anyone messed with me, they were messing with him.

ix. As a Holistic Healer, I facilitated the healing of a young African woman in South Africa from full-blown HIV via her listening to my ‘Healing’ hypnotherapy tape for ninety days. Blood tests showed her HIV had disappeared. The medical doctors, as they typically do, dismissed the case as ‘anecdotal’.

x. As a Holistic Healer, I facilitated the healing of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, infertility, insomnia, depression, schizophrenia, ADD, infections that would have lead to death, etc., etc., the cases are too numerous to enumerate here. NOW, A HUGE CAVEAT! AM I SO ARROGANT AS TO SAY THAT I HAVE HEALED EVERYONE WHO CAME TO ME OF EVERY DISEASE? HELL NO!!! IN MY HUMBLE OPINION ONLY A ‘DELUSIONAL’ HEALER WOULD CLAIM THAT. THERE WERE MANY, MANY WHOM I COULD NOT HELP. EACH PERSON IS DIFFERENT!!!

Ok, enough of me, I could go on, read my books:-, my blog, listen to my live radio broadcasts on my You Tube channels, etc.

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