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Although a bit out of date now, this is a FREE quick and simple guide on how ebooks differ from their printed cousins, how you can create your own, and how you can cover pretty much the whole market using Smashwords and Amazon.
I may update it when coming back to writing in a couple of years, but thought I'd leave it up for now.

Has some low cost D.I.Y ideas, as well as minimum hassle options. More
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About Paul Hurst

An accidental publisher!

Working as a musician and magician, as well as running my own companies providing entertainment for weddings parties and corporate events, I wrote a 'get comfy slow' book (as opposed to 'get rich quick'!) on my own triumphs and failures, File under business or humour.

But the experience of hiring someone else to convert the printed book into an electronic one was not an outstanding success, and I ended up having to do a lot of the work myself.

I suppose, being a slightly geeky pedantic nit-picker, I was never going to be totally happy not doing it all myself anyway.

Fellow authors started asking me to convert their books as well, and I remembered some excellent titles that were out of print so converted those as well. It seemed a shame not to use all that new-found knowledge.

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Mike White reviewed on May 10, 2016

This book is well-written, which is good for a book that's all about making ebooks. Otherwise, the book would be somewhat ironic. Modern ebook writers are going to need tips beyond what is presented here, of course. The field has changed a lot in only five years. This book actually has a format and structure that seems weirdly old-fashioned even from when it was written. Still, this is a good introduction to the topic, and it's definitely worth reading.
(review of free book)
CloudeySkyes reviewed on March 24, 2016

A decent amount of humor applied to a potentially boring topic. If you are considering a venture into ebook writing and publishing, this is a good book to read. I agree with some of the other reviewers here in that some of this advice seems a bit dated.
(review of free book)
Ray1184 reviewed on Feb. 26, 2016

This concise book spells out many of the details surrounding ebook writing, publishing and marketing. It is very short which is good. It made me think that years ago there were books published about the internet and how to use a web browser, but today everyone knows about the internet and how to surf it. This book has the same feel, as though it was written years ago when eBooks were new and people didn't know anything about them. But now eBooks are part of the mainstream, everyone has an eReader app on their phone, there are millions of eBooks on Amazon and iBooks and Smashwords. Many of the points in this book, I found myself skimming over, thinking 'yup, everyone knows that' or maybe it's just me. If you don't know anything about eBooks this is a good place to start.
(review of free book)
Romana Van Lissum reviewed on March 23, 2012

Great little book that is written with light humour but full of some handy tips! Thank you for sharing.
(review of free book)
Rosemary Wilkie reviewed on Oct. 13, 2011

This is a marvellous book. It not only answers your basic questions about how to publish an ebook, it also gives you the detailed instructions you hadn't realised you needed.
(review of free book)
Earlswood Press reviewed on Oct. 10, 2011

A small but very useful and down-to-earth little book that covers all the main points about the topic - the actual craft of formatting the text, (technical, but not overly so, so don't get put off by that) the marketing and a kind word or two for our hosts, Smashwords and the highly useful 'meat grinder' software that turns lead into gold - er, sorry, not quite - but truthfully, properly formatted Word documents into every useable ebook app.
One point not mentioned, if I recall correctly is that epub will not handle any tabulated data (ie set in the kind of table you use in Word) and have it pass Apple's approval for the iStore. Frustrating if your ebook is non-fiction with some important data in its contents, but the way things are progressing, maybe soon it will.
Read this little freebie before you spend any money on others. It's good primer, and maybe, if you start to get into producing your own ebooks in any quantity and gain some practical experience in doing so, it might the only one you'll need
(review of free book)
Dan Edmund reviewed on April 15, 2011

An extended, humorous article that provides useful information, including interesting background information, as well as practical advice on creating ebooks. As regards to marketing, he highly recommends the book "How to Out-Sell, Out-Market, Out-Promote, Out-Advertise Everyone Else You Compete Against" by Paul Gorman, which is available through Smashwords. Paul Hurst also has his own website "The New Business Doctor" at Here he provides useful business information as well as sale of the print version of his book "Business Survival and Prosperity Guaranteed" The ebook version is also available through Smashwords.
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