Lessons of Life - The Path to God

Would you like a romp through everyday adventures – loaded with humor – that clearly leads to God’s Hand? Here we have a series of adventures/misadventures – that even has a little rascal in the story – but unmistakably shows a divine plan. We find God in the most unlikely places! More

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About Ron Millicent

My name is Ron, and this little blurb is written in the hope that I can explain what my books are all about..
I have written three books – soon to be 4-5 – and they are really built around this core question:
`What happened to us`?
Why do some events `crush` some people, and yet others seem to be able to cope with the same event? And the people who `cope` – somehow wind up being wiser and stronger!
It seems that there are two categories of people – in regards to their response to events:
1. Those that stay in that event, and relive it over and over – thereby increasing the misery – over and over
2. Those that can shut off that event – and move on.
There are of course so many variations and levels of experiences – that judgments seem to be impossible to make.
But, I believe that the major difference between those two categories of responses is that some can believe, truly believe – that there is a plan for him/her, With that belief / conviction, it does make the unpleasant, unsettling occurrences that are inevitable in our lives – easier to bear.
If we can accept that no matter what happens, it is only a stepping stone into the ultimate objective which is real happiness - – - or the attainment of whatever goal we have set – it enables us to go through life with the peace of mind that others can only envy.
For example, while a divorce is a crushing emotional blow – that seems to know no end of misery – somehow, it does ultimately end.
It could end often when the divorced individual winds up falling in love again, and winds up even happier than they were before. The divorce could very well have been a `stepping stone` as referred to above.
Can we believe that each event plays a part in an overall Life’s Plan – which we really don’t know, or can’t possibly understand? But, that it is intended for our overall growth and benefit.
When we can accept that, it does seem that our lives can be lived in more harmony –and even with humor – than if we don’t accept that fact.
In addition to that belief, an important part of life is having, and enjoying, a sense of humor.
There is an old story about a plane going through some very rough weather, and the turbulence causing some people to pray, while others sat in grim faced silence – and the tension was so thick that you `could cut through it`.
Right in the midst of it all, a tall Texan stood up and declared, “I don’t know why you all are so upset. It ain’t our plane.”
In fact, the Air Force tests for a sense of humor, because it can often diffuse an explosive situation -and plays a part it coping with serious situations in general.
So, a sense of humor can carry the day in so many ways. As you read through the books – you will not find them to be comical – but you find a good healthy dose of humor throughout.
And, that is the way it should be.
So, with all the above – that is why these books, based on `Wandering and Wondering` – were created.
It looks at various events in my life – actually lived and experienced as recorded – as a kind of handbook of life. You see, I looked at each recorded event as a learning experience, and the moral or `lesson` of each s clearly stated.
They are clearly stated for you – and as a constant reminder to me – that the lessons learned will indeed make life easier – and more fun
I hope – no, I firmly believe – that you will enjoy them.

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