The Foolish Sinners Guide to...Living in God's Wisdom

“A life changing book about one woman's questions from God and the answers that followed."
The journey that inspired this amazing book started with questions from God. Questions that started with…”Why do you call yourself my follower?” As God pushed for answers, and the author had none to give, she finally reached toward Him and asked “HOW?” This book explains His answers. More
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About Lesley Sears

As an ex-journalist, writing has always been in Lesley's blood. But she had no idea that God would use this often overlooked hobby to fulfill her assignment for Him. UNTIL...
Until...God leaned in and interrupted her quiet life in Eastern Indiana.
Until...God stirred her up to do more than just play at being a Christ Follower.
Until...God began to ask her some difficult questions about her relationship with Him.

It was through her attempt to answer these questions and ultimately having to ask God "HOW?" "How can I strengthen my relationship with you?", that make up the contents of this book series. His answers with straight forward, easy-to-understand principles that every Christian can incorporate into their daily lives.

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