Bézier Circles and other shapes

While it is impossible to draw a circle with Bézier curves, it is quite possible to emulate one so well that, when viewed by human eyes, the drawing is indistinguishable from an actual circle. All you need to do is use the right value of the Bézier control points. This value is the radius of the circle multiplied by a constant known as the kappa. This book tells you the right value of the kappa. More
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About G. Adam Stanislav

Born 23 April 1950 in Bratislava, Stanislav was graduated in 1968 from Gymnázium Jura Hronca in Bratislava, with specialization in mathematics and computer programming. He holds graduate degrees in psychology from Komenský University in Bratislava and in canon law from Gregorian University in Rome. His writing, both fiction and non-fiction, was published in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Vatican and the United States. He has lived in Bratislava, Český Krumlov, Vienna, Rome, Washington and Pittsburgh. He is currently retired in Wisconsin. He was active in the anti-Communist underground in Czechoslovakia until he escaped to Austria in 1979. He became a US citizen in 1990 on the same day his home country rebelled against Communism in the Velvet Revolution. He enjoys visiting his beloved Bratislava as often as his financial situation and his failing health permit.

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