Help for Hysterical Humans Who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here

Life’s a you-know-what.
People fall in ruts.
We think our lives are over while we live them.
Our universal game
is to hunt for who’s to blame
until the universe itself is unforgiven.

Now and then a human
who spies a space to bloom in
is gifted with uplifted points of view
that help us see beyond the skies
and the fear behind our eyes.
In this book, I share my blooming space with you. More

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About James Sterngram

James Sterngram is a member of the Associated Individuals Desiring Enlightenment (Sometimes). AIDE(S) is a global prophet-making organization currently boasting roughly seven billion members.

James earned his B.A. in Music and his living mostly elsewhere. He only recently landed his first really musical job (his book), thanks to family connections. He was hired the day he discovered he was your brother. He’s been singing about that ever since.

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