A Puma in the Tree: Paul Eh-em's Story

Having escaped The City, Eh-em cautiously reveals himself in fictional Upton. Art and attachments as well as real and imagined traumas prevent rapid progress. But this nice guy wins and gets the girl. Is it another dead end or their beginning? A second coming of age mixes postmodern bits with recurrent images. One's story and kindness might fix who they become in the spaces uncovered. PG-13. More
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About J. K. Mactavish

Autobiography, not to mention biography, does not reflect a trusted answer to the question, "Who am I?" ("Who is he?" from your perspective). That's the question, right?

However, if I put out for you what my experience of (fill in the word or words) is, then at least you can create your internal experience of some close approximation of what it is like to be me; and in this you will have one response, not answer, to the "picture of his life" question. But, who cares about surface appearances? that I have medical records in six languages? an excess of ex-wives? a beloved dog I take walks with in central Italy? So what, right?

Thus in lieu of wasted words here, read me. Start with poetry and then go to the blogs if you must, and then on to the latest experiment, Paul Eh-em and his story. Given the premise above, you will find big parts of me. If you are not interested in or don't get this writing-is-phenomenology thing, at least you may find some amusement and diversion deep within worlds where I sincerely hope and trust you will find--most importantly--you.

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