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In the Golden age of artificial intelligence, a high-tech executive is thrown into turmoil as haunting images from an unknown past intrude into her life. A desperate trip to a psychic unleashes a series of past lives that bring her face-to-face with a mysterious man who has followed her throughout time. More
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About Jacklyn A. Lo

Unlike most screenwriters, I disliked writing and had little interest in the film industry. Pure logic and analytics were my passion and I was making a successful career in one of the world's leading corporations.

This continued until I realized that the luxury train in which I was traveling in comfort was racing in a direction that was contrary to my personal values. I faced the hardest choice of my life, which I call in my writings Spiritual Choice.

Finally, without any plan or even idea what to do instead, I left the corporate world. At some point in time, I realized that I needed a new goal and it was given to me - to write a screenplay for a feature film. In spite of the fact that the idea was crazy, I took the challenge.

At the moment I have a proper portfolio of the original screenplays.

My favorite one is the TRILOGY REDEMPTION.

The first script REDEMPTION, based on the novel is about Ann, a successful executive in an Artificial Intelligence corporation from 2045. who is facing the toughest choice in her entire spiritual existence. 
The story includes time travel to past lives with a culmination in the futuristic future.

Ann's adventures continue in HEAVEN, where she happily settled with her Stone Age son, Wu. During her work trips to Earth, she helps Tomo, a computer genius to get free from hunting him Cora, the loyal servant of Satan

The third part of the sequel is named "THE TSAR'S CHOICE", which represents the alternative reality that happened on the replica of the Earth and the consequences of the Russian tsar's choice for his own destiny, his country, and all humanity.

In addition to Redemption and Heaven, I wrote the feature screenplay " THE RETURN OF MELISSA*, about the tragic life of a talented scientist who living "his own way" competes with God.  The film-ready script is available in two versions.

The short film MELISSA is currently available for an option for free.

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Reviews of Redemption by Jacklyn A. Lo

Georgia Barrett reviewed on Aug. 24, 2016
(no rating)
‘Birth is not a beginning. Death is not an end.’

This novel is a ‘supernatural time-travelling thriller with sci-fi and metaphysics,’ but I think that it is much more than that. This book asks some important questions about life, death, reincarnation, God and the nature of sacrifice, but it does so in a sensitive and entertaining way, with the help of many characters and a great story.

‘Redemption’ is a fast-paced thriller with an unorthodox structure. The book is divided into three parts but also spans seven different locations, from Chicago in the year 2045, to the Stone Age, to Imperial Rome, pre-Revolution Paris and 1940s Russia. The novel follows Ann, a high-powered, gorgeous, corporate success story, as she slowly discovers her spiritual side with the help of Rob, her AI virtual assistant, and a psychic.

What I liked most about this novel was the beautiful amount of detail. Each exploration of Ann’s past lives was skilfully realised and historically accurate. At the same time, each past life was a self-contained adventure, with plenty of tension, romance and excitement. These brief forays into Ann’s life stream went on to impact her current life in 21st Century Chicago, and helped her to discover more about herself, such as her hidden yearning for love. This is a character-driven and very well written novel, with fast flowing prose and subtle descriptions.

This book is a very ponderous read that provides plenty of food for thought. I loved watching how each of the intertwining stories connected with Ann, and revealed new truths, such as the fundamental loneliness of her modern existence. The lessons in this book are ones that we can all take and consider.

This book is an entertaining read filled with warmth and sensitivity. I loved the originality of Lo’s writing: from the eye-opening technology of Ann’s futuristic Chicago, to the simple words and deeper meanings of Mi’s Stone Age world. This novel gently probes questions that trouble us all, such as God, religion, free will, reincarnation and the true meaning of redemption.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an entertaining read that will also leave you thinking days after you’ve finished.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)
Bthiede reviewed on July 20, 2016

Books of a Sci-Fi nature can all too often read in a very superficial way. The re-imagined world can often form a barrier and a feeling of detachment between the reader and the characters in the book. Redemption is very much above that in its main storyline. The reader follows Ann, a successful business woman who works for a technology development company, and becomes quickly encapsulated by the personal struggles which she faces due to her developing nightmares and visions of past life. The story has some interesting underlying connotations of spirituality and free will vs. determinism debate; a vibe of existential questioning is prominent throughout the book. What I really enjoy about the presentation of religious dogmas in this book is that they are not presented simply from a typically Christianocentric perspective, but rather, they give the illusion of uncovering as the story progresses.
I have already mentioned Ann but as I progressed through the consequent chapters it became apparent that Rob, the AI Assistant, was just sublime. Rob is a character of wit with a colourful personality. The exchanges between Rob and Ann are very entertaining and insightful. This is not least due to the fact that both characters are very well constructed. On the other hand, one does wish that the characters of Michael and Nina had been given slightly more centre stage at times and allowed them to flourish slightly. Nevertheless, this does not disturb the flow of the story and is only perhaps just food for thought.
“So what’s it going to be? The choice is yours.” To me, this is the central message of the whole book and a conclusion that the character herself comes to near the end of the story. The ideology of redemption through reincarnation is very well set up throughout the text and developed through the narrative. The ideas are not forced, as can often be the case in this genre, the seed of spiritual realisation is planted in the beginning of the story and grows as the narrative furthers. Perhaps the only let down to the flow of the narrative is the slightly superficial way in which the historical visions read in comparison with the main body of the story. It just feels slightly too disengaging at times and over dramatised. However, that is quickly reinstated as the main storyline of Ann returns.
Finally, Redemption by Jacklyn A. Lo is a great read. I swallowed it up very quickly and that not only demonstrates how engaging the writing style is but above all how accessible this story is, to both fans of and disinterested parties when it comes to Sci-Fi books. I would certainly recommend.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Akshay Hattiholi reviewed on July 15, 2016

A profound book requiring deeper thought into the idea that we live many different lives. The characters are well-developed, and the story is engaging and fun. Ann has a unique life, her fifth overall, and unknowingly has to make sacrifices for the highest intangible values on the path within spiritual eternity. This is her redemption. I can relate these values to life today, in that no matter where you live or who you are, there are more important things than material gains, while still pursuing love, success, and fulfillment. This story will also take you to some challenging times in our history and really help one to reflect. Great job by the author, Jacklyn!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Martial reviewed on July 13, 2016


“Redemption” is a intriguingly, enchanting supernatural sci-fi thriller that keeps the reader on edge as the protagonist “Ann” embarks upon a journey into unknown realms to search for the truth veiled within a troubled past.
The reader is taken on a journey through time starting from Chicago in the year 2045, to the Stone Age, 1st Century A.D in Rome, 17th century France, the Russia of 1941 and then finally heaven, where Ann was destined to be.
From what began as a nightmare, Ann is intrigued to know the meaning of the frequent nightmares that haunt her, despite her seemingly “perfect” but lonely life, she seeks the help of a psychic and unlocks the secrets of her past, only to know that in each life she had a cause, a purpose, for which she became a part of the cycle of birth and death and that sole purpose was of redemption.
Being an atheist, Ann never believed in God or the bible, but the Spiral of Evolution was given to her to show her own sacred path within Spiritual Eternity and for her to seek her true calling.
Redemption is an intricately weaved tale that is first introduced as a sci-fi thriller, involving time travelling and metaphysics, which later unrolls into a roller coaster ride of a woman travelling through the sands of time, seeking the truth veiled within her tumultuous past and finally attaining redemption by embracing her inner spirituality.
Exhilarating, engrossing and fascinating, “Redemption” will keep you on your toes and leave you begging for more even if you are not a fan of sci-fi.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
John Gee, Jr reviewed on July 12, 2016

Inspirational women’s fiction with historical and sci-fi elements

This novel is recommendable for anyone who is looking for inspirational women’s fiction with historical and sci-fi elements.

The novel is well-written without grammatical or formatting errors.

The story is about a woman in her early 30-tees – Ann, who lives in 2045, Chicago, USA.
Ann is experiencing enlightenment, but she is not aware of it.

To crack the puzzle she supposed to go through awesome experiences - who she was in her past lives. Each of her previous existences contains a mystery of her life and her death.

On the way to her redemption she is getting a support by her girlfriend Nina, AI pal Rob and a handsome mysterious stranger, who is, in fact, a higher hierarchy angel.

The end is outstanding – the supernatural man is introducing a risk-free environment to Ann, which is called HEAVEN.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)
skollunger reviewed on July 12, 2016

Limbo, Time Travel, and Spiritual Awakening All In One

Redemption is a unique novel that blends sci-fi, history and philosophy; a supernatural, spiritual, romance, sci-fi, and speculative fiction adventure.
The story starts in the future but the reader eventually goes on a journey through different kinds of lifetimes.
The main character, Ann, is from the year 2045 and works for an AI department. She enjoys her work and bustling social life, though she feels that something is missing in her life.
At the beginning of the novel, Ann is an atheist, however an open minded curious one and as the story unfolds, she begins to be more interested in spiritual matters.
I truly liked the philosophy behind the story, the idea of time-travel and multiple dimensions, and a surprising twist in the end-- all makes for a superb book!
It’s an inner journey, a spiritual quest for redemption through recognizing values in life such as freedom, love, courage peace and hope.
I loved that the story is in fact set in the future and past and not in the present, it's a refreshing approach.
However, the bar to reaching redemption is set so high that I'm quite sure I'd be stuck in Limbo, or Clapham, or Mean Street forever.
I also enjoyed the idea of the artificial soul, the strongest character in the book and the real 'romantic' lead and the final “death” and arrival at station Nirvana.

As to the short-life stories set up in the different historical time periods, they are very amusing both standing as independent reads and as a well integrated part of the overall theme. This is a great novel with a positive ending and a strong romance genre.

If you love reading sci-fi, quests of any manner, Redemption is a must read. Do not miss out on this spiritual awakening of Ann and face the consequences of limbo.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Faiqa Babar reviewed on July 11, 2016

Redemption is a much more than a thought-provoking novel!

Redemption novel by Jacklyn A. Lo is a great mix of different genres like sci-fi, history, romance and spiritual.

I liked how Jacklyn has blended the concepts of reincarnation, time travel and technology to make up the whole plot of the novel. The novel was engaging right from the very first page. The language is simple, which makes it easy to read for non-native English-speakers too.

The writer has a bright imagination and strong writing skills, which made me feel that if I have been seeing the adventures of the protagonist with my own eyes.

The main attraction to me was Ann - the main character, who was a brilliant engineer. A smart, confident woman, who was working in an advanced Artificial Intelligence environment in 2045 (I am an engineer myself so I was particularly interested in her life).
Ann had a series of time travelling experiences where she slips into her past four lives, all of them so different and so amazing! I admired all hard choices, which Ann did in her past (and present) I couldn't stop myself from the tears running from my eyes feeling her sacrifices.

I liked an ongoing discussion, throughout the novel, about freedom and love, free will and fate, spiritual choices and God between Ann and his incredibly cute and smart robotic assistant Rob.

Beside Ann, other characters played their role meaningfully in her life, like her friend man-eating Nina, her romantic interest Michael and the weird Psychic who helps her to drift into her past lives.
Additionally, I’d say, the romantic genre in the novel dominates slightly than sci-fi genre.

Overall, it’s a great read. I definitely liked all the technology, spiritualism, mysticism and romanticism in the novel. As for her debut novel, Jacklyn did an amazing job. I’ll definitely follow her works in the future.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Read fav reviewed on Oct. 30, 2015

“Redemption is a modern day Divine Comedy”- Eduardo Aduna for Readers' Favorite.

Jacklyn Lo's Redemption follows the life-changing and surreal journey of a successful executive as she realizes that material gain simply isn't what life was meant to be all about. It is 2045 and Ann, a high-powered AI industry executive, is struggling to find the missing piece in her life. A series of vivid recollections from various times in history, an enchanting and mysterious stranger, and a psychic woman may hold the key to Ann's journey to find the truth.

Melding different genres is a difficult task for any author. Each aspect must draw upon the others and come together to create a cohesive narrative that the reader can follow. Redemption manages to juggle science fiction, metaphysical, and romance aspects of the story while staying on course and showing how Ann's viewpoints and perspectives change with every event that she encounters. Ann's sojourns into history are well-researched and compelling, the details manage to portray to the reader how vividly Ann must be experiencing each historical age.

Redemption is a modern day Divine Comedy, where each experience propels the character towards enlightenment, and one that incorporates various New Age themes to craft a story that not only entertains the reader but also manages to impart a different perspective to living and looking at life. Ann as a protagonist is easy to like and identify with, her struggles all too quickly become the reader's own. And as she finally realizes the truth, the reader also gets to enjoy the unexpected ending that Redemption offers.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
May Sage reviewed on Sep. 8, 2015

I've read Redemption a while ago and it was a good solid story - then I heard it had been re edited and I decided to give it a try...
Oh my god. Like, seriously. It's slow, sensual, gripping, meaningful and the writing matches the amazing worlds we travel with Ann.
I don't read many time traveling story, let alone serious metaphysical stuff; which is why I can say for a fact: this book will please any reader - there's something for every taste, from romance, to action and historical revisits. Loving it!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Peterpiazza reviewed on July 30, 2015

Redemption is a marvelous introduction to its author, Jacklyn Lo. It stands as her debut novel, and leaves the reader demanding she grace us with further literary projects.

Although the book is set in the future, and technology is advanced beyond what we now experience, Ms. Lo successfully captures the timeless essence of life as she aptly
retells the age old story of the soul on its tumultuous journey to spiritual completion and fulfillment, via the rounds of birth and death known as reincarnation.

The book comprises a series of stories, but they are all the stories of a single soul on its voyage through variegated human incarnations. The concept of reincarnation, so aptly portrayed in this wonderful novel, is a concept firmly entrenched in many of the worlds major religions, as well as a vast array of the worlds burgeoning population.

Jacklyn Lo skillfully portrays with incredible detail some of the many lives one such soul recounts, all from her current, futuristic life set in 2045. While recalling each of these past lives, the author generously and creatively illustrates the joys and sufferings, the ups and downs, invariably encountered in each incarnation that is taken. She abundantly demonstrates how the experiences of one life serve to propel the soul into the next human form.

Adding even more richness, texture and interest to this novel, is the fact that Redemption extends into more than one genre. It is most assuredly a novel of high quality Visionary Fiction. However, there are also components of this novel that clearly fall within the genre of Romance. As such, Redemption holds abiding value to a broad cross-section of readers, regardless of where they are currently stationed with respect to matters of the spirit. The book appeals to those inclined towards Divine Love as well as human love.

Read Redemption! You won't be disappointed. Permit yourself to become absorbed in its unfolding, and allow it to assist you in pondering what you may have endured throughout centuries past, all of which has brought you to this present moment. Then, in the present moment, let Redemption serve as a guide in actualizing your highest transcendent being as bursting forth towards the fullness of expression.
Peter A. Piazzaq
(reviewed 86 days after purchase)

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