Blood Lines The Curse

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For a 130 years Emma’s family has been plagued by a curse resulting in the deaths of her ancestors at a very young age, now Emma is the last in the Rodger’s family bloodline. Can she find the answers before her time runs out or will she follow all her family members before her and end up in an early grave of her own? More
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About Cathy Pace Matthews

I love the twisted and macabre. I also love the old horror where the thing that went bump in the night scared you and not all the blood gushing from a jagged wound that is more likely to gross you out. There is a difference. Don’t get me wrong I can do gore and quite well when I need to.
I’m also not a young adult author. I’m way too old for that and personally at this point in my life I want to read a book that involves men and women over twenty five and under one hundred and twenty five. If you’re younger than that I don’t think you’ll care and if you’re older than that, then God bless you and let me know, I’ll change the upper end of the timeline.
I tend to be outspoken and nothing is sacred when it comes to my writing. Well that part isn’t entirely true. The farm in the Blood Lines series is and I don’t apologize for that. I started writing because of that farm.
I strive to create the unusual and different and that’s not always easy, as a matter of fact, it’s hard. I try hard not to do the tried and true.
When I read a horror story I want to read a horror story. Can it have love and caring in it? Sure, but let’s keep things in perspective. I want to scare you and I’ll leave it up to other really good authors, and there are some really good ones, to give you all that other stuff.
I set out to write horror. I will take you to places in my books you’ve never been before and along the way I may make you laugh because what fun is real horror if it can’t make you laugh on occasion? The good part about the humor, you still have to turn the page and what waits for you there might not be so funny.
I have also recently become a producer for the short horror film, She Summoned Him. I'm looking forward to the the release.
I'm married to a wonderful man, Buddy, and between us we have three very beautiful daughters. We love to travel in our converted 1963 Greyhound 4106 and discover new places and meeting new people. I grew up with four wonderful brothers, one of which is no longer with us. I was born in Mississippi, grew up in Tennessee, and fell in love with Missouri as well as a man who comes from there.
I am surprised at how much writing has helped me grow as a person. I pay a lot more attention to things around me than I used to and can find a story in almost everything I see and hear. I have also learned what a truly dark sense of humor I have. I love making people raise an eyebrow at me on occasion.
My husband and I were recently at a local restaurant and were picking at one another. The waiter walked up about that time and I asked if they had an oven large enough to put a body in. He asked why and after a short explanation with a wicked little gleam in his eye he told me they did. What concerned me was that wicked little gleam. I have since found out that a lot of restaurants do have ovens big enough to hold a human body. My suggestion to you is not to make the waiting staff of any eating establishment angry. You might end in up on the menu the next night.
With seven books of my own under my belt, at present count, nine short story books, one exceptional book of short stories along with eight other gifted writers and the next one in the Blood Lines Series that I'm working on I'm pretty happy with where I am in my life right now.

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Blood Lines The Curse - Cathy Pace Matthews
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Blood Lines The Curse
What do you do when you open a box and find a letter with a warning addressed to you and is from a dead relative? When everyone in your bloodline has died at a very early age for over a hundred and thirty years you might want to take it seriously. You also might want to try and find out how to stop it because the clock is ticking and your time is almost up.

About the Series: Blood Lines
In The Curse Emma comes back to her childhood home to settle the estate her Grandmother only to find that she has inherited a 130 year old curse and some unexpected relative, some of which aren't to happy to she's back.

In 'Buried Treasure' some bad guys of the human type are back and up to no good. They have it in for Emma and those close to her. This time however those pesky spirits are trying to have Emma's back and she will need their help to come through this one alive.

Family Ties is finished and will be out soon. The evil is a little further from home and yet it manages to walk right into Emma's home and take what it wants and no one can stop it. An obnoxious cousin drops in unexpected in the wee hours of the morning with a chilling story of her own. Will Emma be able to help her cousin or will she end up throwing that nasty woman to the very thing that she ran from in the cold hours of night. Emma won't be looking over her should this time. The evil is right there in front of her but will she be able to recognize it before it's too late? Will Taylor be able to save her from what lies beneath the surface.

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readington reviewed on Sep. 29, 2015

I loved this book. Once you get started, you will not put it down. I started it in between loads of laundry and before I knew, I had finished the book! It's a must read!
(reviewed 8 months after purchase)

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