Orgasm Incorporated: Book One

Adult Erotica
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This book is set in a future where the population explosion has led to way too many people. Life is brutal and short. The business called Orgasm Incorporated supplies the very few Rich folks with whatever they want in the way of sex with folks of either gender. Book One will show you a small part of this world, with three stories told by three different people taking part in an Erotic Display. More
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About Karl Five

The single most important thing to me is that I’m a writer. Oh sure, I’ve done a lot of other things during my life, but none of those things mean as much to me as this does. However, I'm not trying to earn a living as a writer. All I really want is to have people read what I've written. That's why I have everything free.
I write erotica because I consider sex to be one of the most interesting and important parts of life. Not something dirty and shameful, but rather something that's capable of bringing great joy. Or, unfortunately, great sorrow, if used wrongly. I sometimes deal with that aspect of it also.
My Orgasm Incorporated Series is basically hardcore omnisexual erotica, partly Science Fiction, but mostly focused on sex of all kinds and descriptions.
My Rick&Jerry Series is gay male erotica, part romance and part adventure, with a large helping of hot sex added in for good measure.
I enjoy playing around with sex in my writing, especially in my Orgasm Incorporated Series. I deliberately try to turn sex upside down and inside out. I like to explore the limits of fantasies and try to figure out why they work. Sometimes I come up with things that aren't even possible in the real world, or if they are, they wouldn't feel good at all.
As for me personally, I worked in healthcare for much of my life, but I’m now retired, so I spend much of my spare time writing. I live in the Sunny South, not too far from the hurricane-ridden shores of North Carolina, along with my partner, my cat, and a longtime friend.
I can be contacted at I'm always glad to hear from my readers. And, of course, I'd greatly appreciate a review, if you enjoyed my ebooks.

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About the Series: Orgasm Incorporated
This series is partly Science Fiction since it's set in a possible future, but mostly it's erotica and will eventually include sex of all kinds and descriptions. In this future scenario, the Rich got Richer while the poor got poorer. There's a business called Orgasm Incorporated, which specializes in supplying Rich clients with whatever they want in the way of sex, with extremely proficient folks of either gender.

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Cummy Bear reviewed on Dec. 22, 2018

In a highly possible future two thin layers of mankind find a place to meet. To sum up very roughly this is what the three stories are based upon. Of course they are much more than this, but men and women surely find it revealing and learn a lot from reading it.
I personally highly recommend it.
(review of free book)
Francis Haley reviewed on Nov. 12, 2016

Well written and pleasant read.
(review of free book)
JL Moon reviewed on Feb. 9, 2016

Ladies, you should probably seek out Karl Five for some mind-blowing sex. That's because he probably knows your sexual

organs and their functions better than you do! Guys, you just might learn a thing or two yourselves! M/F, M/M, etc. it's all catered to at Orgasm Inc.

In Karl Five's "Orgasm Incorporated Book One," the author introduces you to a futuristic world where a very small group of

people own the vast majority of the world's wealth. With even traditional customer service jobs being a thing of the

past, it becomes an honor and a priviledge for a couple's son or daughter to be accepted by Orgasm Incorporated once they

are of age. Orgasm Inc. is a sexual service center where the wealthy elite pay to do almost anything they want to have

their sexual way with those fortunate enough to be chosen. It's a world of spa attendants, trainers, and Techs that

prepare men, women, and intersexuals for a highly erotic and desirable sexual experience for their clients.

Five's mastery of the sexual organs and their functions is on full display in "Orgasm Incorporated." Thankfully, this is

only book one. There are at least two more sensual and orgasmic books that follow!
(review of free book)
Verity Vixxen reviewed on July 13, 2015

I LOVED the concept of this book - in an overpopulated world divided between the mega-rich and the masses of poor comes ORGASM INCORPORATED, a company whose sole purpose is to provide sexual services for those mega-rich. Everything and anything is available for the right price. This is one hot, hot, sexy book! Highly recommended.
(review of free book)
Ernest Winchester reviewed on Oct. 25, 2014

A very interesting sample of what hints of a very sexy book. I can’t help wonder at the fertile mind of Karl that can fill a large volume. Can’t wait to see.
(review of free book)
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