Revived (Revived, #1)

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Everyone who's been cryonically frozen and revived again has had a memory wipe. But maybe it's better to let the past go, and live a new life... More
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About Jodie Kobe

I started writing when I was about seven years old. I just love creating characters, even if a lot of them don't end up in my books. I am always in search of great stories---series especially. Books are just extremely fascinating and I love it when I find a great book that suits my needs.
I've published my first two ebooks here, Revived and Survived, and you can read them for free! I am currently working on the third book.

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Review by: Ray Ferguson on Feb. 7, 2015 :
I enjoyed reading this very much, despite the lack of editing. Hey, no one is perfect. My question is: why did the end just chop off like that? Here we are going strong, the plot is building to a very interesting climax, then... stops. Will there be a sequel? I hope so.
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Review by: Joanne Armstrong on Jan. 12, 2015 :
Vivian lives in the future, when being brought back from the dead is a fact of life.

However, we’re not talking zombies here, or sparkly vampires or unemotional robots, which actually is a relief. These revived humans are simply that - humans, but with no memories of their lives before their deaths. Since only younger bodies can be revived (anyone under 35), death by murder or suicide appears to be a common cause.
When Vivian is revived, she adapts to her new life underground rather well. The air on the surface is dangerous, so the only life remaining is in a secure facility under the ground.
Vivian meets others who have been revived, and slowly comes to learn about the nature and purpose of the facility, as well as the reasons why she was killed the first time round.
I liked the book. I liked the author’s ideas and vision, and I fully expect that her target audience will enjoy exploring the possibilities in this new world in sync with Vivian.
I struggled with some of the tenses, and wonder if an editor could help Ms Kobe with the lack of consistency. I also struggled with the pacing of the novel, feeling sometimes that it dragged through too much dialogue. The characters need a little more fleshing out. Vivian herself is 21 years old but she accepts her new situation like a docile child, then at times whines about unimportant details like a petulant teenager. I have to admit that she was difficult to like.
I think that Jodie Kobe has her hands on a really interesting idea here. I’d love for her to talk to some professional writers / editors before she writes the next volume - or even consider a redraft of Revived. It could be tightened up to give it a much more gripping edge.
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Review by: Stormswift on Dec. 26, 2014 :
Great sci-fi / dystopian concept. This interesting book grabbed and kept my attention throughout. The cover art is striking.

In 2075, Vivian Clancy is revived from cryogenic storage 30 years after her murder. She’s in a huge underground complex where the predominant decorating colour is a cold clinical white. The Earth’s surface has apparently been devastated hence the underground facility. Prior to her revival she was implanted with a robotic heart, but what is the purpose thereof? She is one of six people who have an odd black swirl tattooed on the right hand. Her questions about what has happened are ignored. Rob, a scientist, keeps trying to kill her – as he says she murdered his father. Dr. Dara Janelle lies frequently and blocks Vivian from receiving any pertinent information. Meanwhile Piers, Vivian’s brother, while initially glad to see her, subsequently largely ignores her.

The frequent use of incorrect words (incorrect tense etc) can be corrected by proof reading. Due to the following factors I’ve deducted 2 stars from my review: there was no explanation given as to why the surface air was poisonous; a machine intended to clean the Earth’s air of poison gas has to be started with a kick (yes, a kick – this was even questioned by one of the characters in the book); there is no decontamination process when people return from a sojourn into the poisonous air and the book’s end was very abrupt. If the author intended this to be first of a series; this should have been specified in the title or synopsis.
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