The Prostitution Delusion Book One: Debunking 43 Myths That Falsely Condemn Prostitution* and Transforming It into Worship of the Goddess

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The Prostitution Delusion presents two complementary themes. One theme identifies 43 reasons that prostitution is supposedly "harmful and evil." This Book One DEBUNKS the first 9 as false myths. The second theme transforms prostitution FROM THE PROFANE TO THE SACRED via 18 sexually explicit stories that are true--they are sweet, surprising, romantic, poignant, beautiful and deeply spiritual. More

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About Mark Laurence Donald Emerson

Mark Emerson ( is the author of Love Is Not a Crime! He holds a B.A. in Math from UCLA. Raised an atheist, while at UCLA he started experiencing God in the mathematics. With others, he has created nine videos presenting a mathematical proof that God exists ( As a computer scientist, he is a co-inventor with two of his sons of the forthcoming AngelBase technology, which recently received substantial funding ( He has also been a legal consultant to attorneys (

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Adrine Boyadjian reviewed on on April 14, 2016

"The prostitution Delusion," written by Mark Laurence Donald Emerson, is an absolutely riveting book about how prostitution is beneficial rather than harmful. He explains this by combining philosophy, spirituality, psychology and legal matters through theories and facts as well as embarking us on a sexy journey of his many encounters with prostitutes as a paying client.

He centers on a single question, "Why is prostitution harmful or evil?" He gives us 43 main "purported answers" that reflect what the general population believes. He then debunks them, one by one, from multiple angles. In this 1st of five anticipated books, he debunks the first 9 of the 43 answers by using his eloquently detailed theories and facts.

For example: one of the 43 answers that he debunks is: "Because prostitution forces women and girls into sex slavery--they are victims of prostitution." This really resonated with me. It gave me a new insight on the prohibition of Prostitution, and on pg.181 he states: "I believe sex slavery is largely an economic problem. Because prostitution is taboo, the natural market for paid sex becomes a black market." This is very true and I wholly agree! He compares this with prohibition of alcohol, which resulted in bootlegging, because people still desire alcohol. It is even more daunting to prohibit a strong innate need, such as sex. To do so does not eliminate that demand, but instead results in black markets such as sex trafficking, and increasing crime. By legalizing prostitution we will actually be reducing crime!

Men want sex. (Women do too, but that’s separate matter not addressed in the book.) But what happens when a man is unable to get laid? Whether he lacks suave or whether he just simply does not have the time to successfully court a woman, what better way than to pay a prostitute to satisfy that powerful human need; sex? On pg. 235 Emerson describes, in great detail, the amount of loss in both time and money in regards to courting. "A full-time job is about 2,000 hours per year(40 hours per week, times 50 weeks per year, assuming two weeks vacation time). If a guy is spending 14 hours per week on trying to get laid, but failing, that's 728 hours per year. Suppose that, rather than spending all that time NOT getting laid, he instead got a part-time job at $10.00 per hour. He would earn $7,280 per year for NOT getting laid. If he has a good education, then a skilled job can earn him $25 per hour. That's more than $18,000 per year for NOT getting laid." Now that really makes you think doesn't it!

Through his stories, I learned what a deeply spiritual and religious man Mr. Emerson is who respects woman like no other person I have ever met. Before the act of sex, he always gives a prayer; a blessing to the prostitute as he holds the money in his hand before handing it to the prostitute. He Now that is refreshing! The way he describes his sexual encounters with prostitutes seem to me like a sexual symphony... he is the base and each woman's essence is a different note. Together, through the highs and lows of both their experience, they weave a beautiful composition of sex, passion.

On pg. 6, in one of his stories, another theory caught my attention where writes about the spiritual benefits of prostitution. He compares the act of paying the woman for a sexual blessing (which he considers sacred) to donating money to a church for a religious blessing (also sacred): "Much of the money donated in that way goes to support the living expenses of the clergy. Is that really any different than my receiving a spiritual benefit and blessing by giving money to a goddess named Kristina? I say no."
My own interpretation of this book is that the author wants u to imagine a world where man is driven by impartiality rather than being plagued by judgment. That would be a fine world indeed. But because we live in a world where humans are constantly fed by society on what is right and what is wrong, we have subconsciously succumb to the use of peripheral thinking far more than our objective thinking. Objective thinking allows an individual to conquer his/her own truth about what he/she feels is right for himself/herself rather than the false beliefs of peripheral thinking. For ex: if a person feels prostitution to be a profession he/she would like to work in, and if we live in a society ruled by objective thinking, people would not inflict their beliefs on others, and in return that person will not be judged for their career as a prostitute. This can create an individual to be filled with endless love within themselves and endless love all around. And as a result this can end negative feelings such as anger and can end such things as sex trafficking. But it is a world that seems so alien yet in reality it is far more in truth than the one we live in now. It is up to us to revolutionize our thinking, eliminate judgment, and to instead master the art of impartiality. By mastering impartiality we shall, through the acceptance of individuality, unite as one. It is then that each individual shall be and feel completely alive rather than half alive.

The author, through his genius, opened my eyes on a subject widely known as being harmful to instead being beneficial, and I guarantee he will open your eyes as well. This book is a must read!
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MarkS reviewed on on Dec. 30, 2014

The author is not afraid to push the limits in this book, he believes in the service of women and is not afraid to admit it. The most interesting part of this book is that he himself is a religious figure but still holds the belief not only that prostitution should be legal, but that these women truly help men’s health and spirit as well.

He doesn’t condone prostitution just to get his rocks off, but because he believes he has more sexual and spiritual freedom with these women and that judgment is less of a concern. As a male reader, I found this book to be an interesting dive into his real-life experiences and also puts into perspective our typical reasons for why we think prostitution is wrong. He approaches our typical rationale for thinking it is wrong and logically/scientifically rules out that reasoning. A very interesting read.
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CrowKisses reviewed on on Dec. 13, 2014

I have never read anything like this book. I sat there from the time I downloaded it late into the night reading, and it was awesome. It opens up a whole new world...Or rather whole new way of viewing prostitution. Glorifying the women of the night, rather than putting them down. As a female reader, I feel that all women regardless of their profession should be lifted up. And this book depicts just that. The author really knew what he was doing, and it shows just how dedicated he was to bring a story such as this to the public, to open the eyes of the skeptics. Pages [1] through [26/28] have to be some of my favorite parts.

This book keeps it raw, real and en-depth, I know I was engaged very thoroughly reading this. Mr. Mark Laurence Donald Emerson [the author] took what many of us find "taboo" and structured and crafted it in such an honest yet entertaining way. It let's you see from a man's preservative what the lack of intimacy really does to a man, and how it is generally a must to keep intimacy alive and well in your relationships. And the fact the spirituality is found throughout this book very deeply/definitely let's you look at sex/love making in a different more sacred way, as the book describes it.

The author breaks down everyone’s main opinion of this subject and kind of puts it in check for everyone. Exposing all the thoughts, leaving no stone un-turned. He gives his honest thoughts, and even opens up about what society's take on prostitution is, now I'm not saying go "sleep around" But, you will find a deep connection the more and more you read this, and as with being a woman, it certainly made me think of my personal relationship and now to be more subservient in the bedroom so to speak, it gives you a different outlook on sex as a whole, every inch of it, the pain, emotions, the part where God is concerned in the matter of sex. This book in no way is like reading a porno magazine, or erotic story, it goes far beyond that, and is teaching yet entertaining you all that at the same time.

I don't want to give too much of the book away, but I will say, you will find it (especially the first several chapters) rather intense, on many different levels, the author is very candid about each experience with each Goddess from Kristina to Amanda and others, but it doesn't stop there. After you are finished, you will crave the rest of this series! He goes from 1 point (his own personal experience) to another point debunking the myths of prostitution and just giving you all you need to know involving this subject. Exposing it's beauty and hardships, definitely can't wait to read the other 4 books of this series!
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