A simple program error cascades into the global failure of the Sky King Network. While the public reacquaints itself with life before the Internet, President Thompson watches America's Manchurian Offensive grind to a halt. Is this a prelude to another Căn Shèng? The spectre of the DEZ hangs over NS Norfolk as a team of researchers scramble to figure out what went wrong on New Year's Day 2028.

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About Sam Adriaens

Online since before the advent of www, I know way too much about computers and the internet. Growing up my favorite author was Michael Crichton and my writing aspires to his obsession with technology and its impact on society. Today my favorite author is H.P. Lovecraft and you can find my serial fiction @ http://astropulp.blogspot.com. When I'm not writing I'm either playing games or engaged in creative photo editing.

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