The Miracle Frequency- Fusion7Healing

Section 1: Contains Helen's bio, real life experiences that created radical changes that gave birth to fusion7healiing.
Section 2: 49 step by step processes for transcendence for many challenging areas of our lives and multidimensional space.
Section 3: End of Mayan Calender - Helen's real life experiences from the Yucatan. 5 extra healing processes inspired from this exclusive Galactic event. More

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About helen christodoulou

I live on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean . I was diagnosed with M.S. in 1999 after a period of losing emotional, and financial ability. Unable to benefit from prescription drugs I searched for alternative ways to tackle the situation.

The Journey: I acquired a thirst for knowledge and wisdom and so I became my own teacher and therapist. Over the years between relapses I studied yoga, naturopathy, quantum healing, and various other healing methods. These methods were of great value, as they took me out of attacks, always without the use of conventional medicine. So I began to heal others, through my studies and experience when I was well enough to do so.

The Disease: Reversing relapses was successful but still there were signs of progression and deterioration, going up to 2 relapses a year lasting months at a time, with residual symptoms in between. These attacks included paralysis, blindness, vertigo, pain and extreme fatigue, just to name a few!

Doctors warned me that relapses could be come permanent. Despite this I continued to trust and believe I would find a complete formula to reverse the illness. There was a void in my approach so I searched deeper for the answers.

The Answer: I realized it was a matter of addressing the whole fabric of my existence and found the human energy field contained all these answers as it contains everything that we are.

Creating Miracles: With perseverance, study, experience and a passion for spiritual evolution, I constructed Fusion7 Healing. All aspects of my life and health transformed from that point on the relapses stopped!

I regained energy, strength and clarity. Relationships improved and my higher perception skills increased dramatically. I am grateful and blessed to have miracles unfolding in my life as well as those I am privileged to help though this wonderful work.

Today I facilitate Fusion7 Healing for issues ranging from relationships to tumors.

I teach Fusion7 healing in Limassol as well as internationally and on skype.

Helen is a certified practitioner in the following fields:

Fitness & Personal Training
Nutritional Therapy
Hatha Yoga Teacher
TCM (Traidional Chinese Medicine)
Regression Therapy
Reiki 1&2
Spiritual Councelling
Theta healing & Teaching
Intuitive Anatomy
Organ Regeneration
Sacred Geometry

fusion7healing founder & master Trainer

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