Scales and Skin

The island Medoa can be a dangerous place. Creatures lurk in the woods, waiting to pounce.

Laura and Alyssa both suffer from their own tragedies. Laura questions her morals, and Alyssa questions the law. They are brought together by a death, and Laura blames herself. The final decision will lie on a question that is centuries old: do you do what is morally right, or lawfully right?
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About Emma Jakobsen

Hi I'm Emma Jakobsen. I've been writing stories since second grade. My first piece of work published was "File X" which is 0.99 cents. I wrote the book at twelve years old, so I can't say I think the writing is great (haha) but I've matured a lot since then. I enjoy surfing, writing, and watching a LOT of Netflix. Taking long walks and bringing my Nikon camera is possibly the best antidote for sadness.

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