Sex, Blood & Glory - Book I - Vegas Then Rome

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In 2045 three pampered, self-indulgent individuals, Jane, Nate and Amanda, are transported back to ancient Rome and sold into slavery. But the past is not as it should be. In the sky fly diminutive people on crystal shields, the Leluuwahn, one of whom Nate had seen outside his bedroom window in the future.
Sex, Blood & Glory is the story of the three time travelers rise to power. More
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About B.E. Lore

I was in high school when The Hobbit gave me my first taste of fantasy novels. Years later, when on business in Sydney, I wandered into a book store and happened across a copy of The Lord of the Rings. The world of hobbits in LOTR rang a familiar bell. I purchased the book and have since read it so many times that the spine is falling apart, but none of the pages are dog eared.
Other epic fantasy series to capture my attention have been Dune, The Magician, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant and the Wheel of Time. I have also enjoyed reading the novels of Jackie Collins; the bitches and bastards, humour and relationships in her books have entertained millions.
And so I asked myself - what if I could massage the bitches and bastards and humour into a fantasy storyline? I would read that. The thought gave birth to The Time of Their Lives trilogy. I have enjoyed writing and reading it. The first book is complete, the second almost, and the third has its storyline drafted. I hope you enjoy them too.
I live about an hour north of Sydney, Australia. I use B.E. Lore as my pen name.

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About the Series: Sex, Blood & Glory
In 2045, three self-indulgent individuals, Jane, Nate and Amanda, tied together by deeds they would prefer remained secret, are transported back to ancient Rome. Sold into slavery, they find a world of alternate history where famous figures and events are not as history suggests; their mobile phones connect them to a future where time is running fifty times faster than the past, and little people, the Leluuwahn, fly above the ancient city on Crystal Shields.

The Time of Their Lives trilogy charts the unwilling time travellers rise to power.

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timetoread reviewed on Aug. 29, 2016

Read this book in eBook format, and the later obtained a hardcopy. The book is unusual, in that it melds a lot of themes that are rarely written into a storyline. The plot is interesting and the factoids both relevant and interesting, adding great color. The story mixes historical fact with an array of edge case genres from religion to aliens. It weaves in the future without sounding like a prediction unlikely to be realised. Overall, the action continues at a pace that ensures interest levels stay high.

Bottom line, is that this book should be made in a movie format. It might take some minor adjustments, but the storyline lends itself extremely well to an action movie. Bring it on!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
shelby herot reviewed on Feb. 15, 2015

*I received a free copy to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team*
I don't even know where to start with this review! This was a story unlike anything I've EVER read before, and I loved it.
I don't really know how to classify this...Sci-FI for the time travel, Erotica (possibly) because the topic was skirted around (but not really delved into), Fantasy for "other" species- how about this: It was definitely unique and defies classification.
Let's start from the beginning, I know the "blurb" is very detailed - so I'm not going to summarize the story but there are a few things I need to touch upon:
First of all, the beginning of the story was a bit confusing for me as each chapter starts with 2 dates - one in the future, and one in the ancient past.
There are 3 sets of "characters" that are featured, and it wasn't until maybe 10-15% that I "finally" got it. (duh!)

Our main character, Nate, is out at the bar with some buddies looking for a "forever" girl that he can take home to his momma. Ultimately he allows his "2nd head" to choose a cougar to sate his needs. This one decision has PROFOUND effects (lucky for us, or there wouldn't be a fantastic story).
Once he fulfills his obligations as a "lothario" for the cougar and her friends, he decides a sabbatical is in order.
This is the point where EVERYTHING is flipped/turned upside down and the story really begins.
Nate finds himself with Jane (cougar) and Amanda (cougar's "friend") on a bed in the middle of ancient Rome, during the rule of Caligula.
Being "barbarians" doesn't bode well for the 3 and they are quickly sold into slavery.
The odd thing is, Nate is noticing people that are similar to the one's he left behind from his life.
We get to meet MANY interesting characters and participate in amazing things: the Colosseum and Gladiators (Spartacus!), the Senate and Forum, Hippocrates, just to list a few.
The story is complex, many different characters and story-lines are woven together and I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read what's next for the trio!
~Wicked Reads Review Team~
(review of free book)
Poinard reviewed on Dec. 30, 2014

Great read, with well developed characters and an enthralling plot.
(review of free book)
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