No Quarter: Dominium - Volume 1

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Volume 1 of 6 begins in 1689 Port Royal, Jamaica with Atia Crisp and her sister Livia shipwrecked and sold into slavery. They are separated and Atia is used as a pawn in a deadly card game at the Swiftsure Tavern until she is liberated by Capitaine la Roche. Hunted at every turn, they take refuge at Cherry Red's Boutique and meet up with allies including the medication loving Dr. Strangewayes. More
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About MJL Evans

MJL Evans is an Indie Author/Publisher and co-author of the 6-part series, No Quarter: Dominium. Future endeavours include co-authoring the books No Quarter: WENCH and No Quarter: The Dirge. She also hopes to have her books translated in various languages including French.

MJL Evans is also a writer of romance and relationship articles featured in publications like Monday Magazine in November 2004 and again in February 2006, she writes fiction, historical fiction, erotica and humour. Published in the November 2014 issue of Flash Fiction Magazine, Red Dragon is vibrant piece of micro-fiction that delves into Victoria BC in the 1860s, when it was the opium capital of the New World.

A native of Victoria, British Columbia, MJL Evans studied English at Victoria School of Writing and Camosun College. Not only is she passionate about her written expression, she is enthusiastic about her visual art masterpieces she has created over the past 20 years and has over 60 paintings to her credit. MJL Evans is also a lover of film, independent, foreign, and cult. Her favorites include: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Nymphomaniac, Secret Window, The Brood, Le Pacte des loups, Mesrine: L'Instinct De Mort and many others.


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Review by: bondaramsi on June 08, 2015 :
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Given that this is a first time work from these authors, I must say that the output is commendable. This is a very promising ebook that does not look like it is written by first time authors. All in all I loved the book. While historical romance is not my forte, I loved the background of the story: pirates. I love reading about pirates lol, though mostly in the 'action/adventure' genre. I loved the story, the separation of two sisters, Atia's getting kidnapped and her being the prize of a game, the romance between that French pirate and Atia, their eventual escape, and the happy reunion at the end: all of it was well done. Throughout the book I felt loads of sympathy for poor Atia and found myself rooting for her.

While a very good effort overall, the language is sometimes anachronistic - this is my personal opinion of course but occasionally I had this strange feeling inside me that "Hey, people of that time period didn't speak that way!" I do understand that getting the language of people who existed about four hundred years ago one hundred percent correct is virtually impossible, but it is my hope that the second book from these authors would be a bit better in this area. Having said that, the dialogs were very well done. I particularly found this dialog very humorous, I have no idea why; maybe it was just the way it was said that made me chuckle:

"Mr. Coggshall wants ‘em found." MacAskill imitated and cleared his throat. "Ya work for Bleedin Art, not fuck’n Coggshall. And don’t ya forget it, unless ya want to find yerself on a slave galley bound for the Barbary Coast!"

Also, I wish it was a bit more action packed. Given the genre though, the amount of action was okay, but I was expecting more action and a little less romance haha.

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Review by: Ruth Benitez on April 01, 2015 :
No Quarter: Dominium is the first of a six part novella series. As the first part it achieves to present the characters, the scenarios and the plot in general lines.

Set in 1689, this is the story of Atia Crisp and how because of a series of events she ends up being a victim of the slavery system. There are many secondary characters and subplot to develop in the future parts.

The POV is constantly changing, the narrator tells us about what is going on in different places which allow us to see the whole picture, get to see where every character is standing and what his or her motivations are.

The writing is really good, it captures the essence of that era and it gives the story a fast rhythm. The historical element is well used; the descriptions of places, ships, pirates and even the clothes make the world more complete and believable.

I can imagine a great love story between Atia and his savior but for now they are just together trying to survive.

Being a novella this one is a short read and I’m giving it three stars because is a good platform for a great series and as a presentation it does a good job. I want to know what’s next and I’m sure it only will get better.
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Review by: Lesleyh68 on Feb. 14, 2015 :
This is a truly swashbuckling tale of love, suspense and intrigue. It's very rare that you come across an historical novel that is so detailed; I'm sure that the author's must have been pirates in a former life!

I enjoyed the novel from start to finish. The characters are complex and believable and the story is really gripping. MJL Evans and Gary O'Connor are fine writers with wonderful imaginations. I predict they'll go far. They certainly deserve the utmost success with this riveting account of life in Jamaica in the late 1600's.
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Review by: Emily D. on Feb. 11, 2015 :
Such a romantic adventurous novel, which captivated my attention from the very first page. The romance, suspense, action and history blended properly to make this novel truly awesome to read.

It was a great ride towards a great action. The character development was excellent. The sword fights were really exciting, even the pirates made the story more entertaining. MJL Evans & Gary O'Connor wrote this novel exceptionally well. Brilliant execution!
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Review by: swillpup on Feb. 11, 2015 :
I love adventure novels and this one does not disappoint. This author has the incredible ability to take a hold of your mind and drag it through the pirate ship, up the mast, into the sea and back onto land and doesn’ t let you go until the story has been told to the fullest. I loved the ride, every character came to life for me Atia, Liv and of course the handsome Gator Gar. This was a wonderfully told story and I couldn’t put it down until the bitter end. Thank you MJ and Gary for allowing us to enter your twisted minds and take this journey together!
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Review by: tinkertrain on Feb. 07, 2015 :
High seas, adventure, pirates, romance, historical accuracy, and swashbuckling goodness. What more could a self-respecting adventure lover need? Not much. This book took me on a grand adventure that followed Atia Crisp (a shipwrecked lady who gets enslaved) and Gator Gar, a handsome pirate. To start, the action was intense. I couldn't take my eyes off the descriptions of violent storms and clashing sword fights. Also, like I mentioned before, the historical accuracy was astounding. Everything seemed incredibly researched, with all the details about ships, manning a ship, and sailor language was spot on. I was taken on a thrilling ride, and that's the mark of a great book, in my opinion, so five stars!
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Review by: maryjane777 on Feb. 06, 2015 :
Truly a gripping and thought provoking novella, with interesting characters and on-the-edge adventure that always keeps the reader coming back for more. I was unable to put it down for a second! This has definitely become a new favorite of mine. Definitely looking forward to more from this author and highly recommended.
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Review by: Cailin Koy on Feb. 02, 2015 :
This novella is truly charming if you enjoy historical romance with a rich cultural piece, well developed characters, and a healthy sense of adventure that presents its own worthwhile story. I hate to box this story into just one genre, because it's truly worthy of several.

No Quarter: Dominium is unusually intricate and deep, and its tiny nuances are out-of-this-world exciting but presented in a charmingly realistic and occasionally quaint way. I am looking forward to reading more from Evans.
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