Surfing Your Way Through Stock Market

We all wish for financial independence, but very few achieve it. This book is about how an average person can use stock market to increase net worth and, possibly, become financially independent. The book details a plan on how to make this happen and contains some graphs and tables to support the argument and the book ideas. More

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About Oleg Malikov

My name is Oleg Malikov; originally from a now non-existent country called the Soviet Union, a.k.a. the Russian Federation. In 2000 I came to the US for my master's studies and never left. In 2012 I became a proud US citizen. I currently reside in Houston, TX and have been here since late 2002.

While in Russia I got a bachelor degree in intercultural studies and translation (English and Spanish) from LUNN (Linguistic University of Nizhni Novgorod), and in the US I obtained an MBA from LSU (Louisiana State University).

I like to read, write, spend time outdoors and lead an active lifestyle. My wife, Narmina, and I just had a beautiful daughter named Sofia, who is now a full-time manager of our lives.

I am an author of two books - "Surfing Your Way Through Stock Market" and "Clash of Cultures or Understanding Russians Inside Out" (to be released January 2015).

The first one describes my way of investing and offers a practical guide for an average investor. The book is specific and to the point - I am not a fan of generalities and abstract notions. You will find everything from how to finance your investing activities, to selection of stocks for your portfolio and to managing your portfolio holdings the intelligent way.

The second one is about Russia, and how it is similar and different from the West. I have always been fascinated with various cultures and how they compare and contrast with each other. Having lived the early half of my life in Russia and the later half in the US, I decided to write a book about Russia that would help a foreign person understand the culture, traditions and social behavior. We are a product of our environment and, maybe, if we understood the ingredients of the soup we are all boiling in, there would be less misunderstandings in the world we live in.

I never planned to be a writer, and it sort of happened. One day Forrest Gump felt like running - well, one day I felt like writing. So, yes, for me - life is like a box of chocolates...

Thanks for reading my bio; I hope you will give my publications a chance. I also invite you to visit my and read more about me, my publications and activities.

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