Hands Up! ~ A New Look, A New Take by Dr. Cliff

What they won't tell you or can't: There's a "Dirty-Little-Secret" causing tremendous tension in our world and homes. Dr Cliff looks at the Whys & Hows of hatreds & prejudice, providing deeper understanding. There's a positive secret too, "An Inner Secret."

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About Dr. Cliff Brickman

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from ~ www.dr-cliff.com

Dr. Cliff Brickman is a dual
licensed provider of health
care & integrative therapy.

Author, The Still, Soft Voice.
The New Frontier of Self.
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has discovered a very helpful
new kind of therapy .."

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Aims are health, wellness,
amelioration or resolution
of trauma, pain, suffering
& reaching infrastructure.

Specialized lab tests are
employed to achieve an
optimal organic function.

The consultation modes
include problem-solving,
family & social dynamics,
integrating inner essence.

Founder Wellness Center ..
Family Stress Clinic; won
multiple public-&-private
psychological contracts.

Dr Cliff is a graduate of
University of Chicago,
& National College of
Naprapathic Medicine
and Rockford College.

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Author Summary

Dr. Clifford Brickman is an integrative therapist, healthcare provider, speaker and advocate. He practices in Chicago at the Wellness center in downtown Millennium Park.

He's inaugurated a new series of books, "Dr. Cliffs Notes" ~ to bring to light the Inner core, its method and approach, and its applications, such as solving difficult or intractable blocks to effective problem-solving.

A new way of utilizing one's deeper mind is evolving, called, "conscious thinking" ~ and you might wonder, "What's that all about?"

Dr. Brickman's mission has been to seek essence or infrastructure of the personality, group, family and society. The inner core ~ available to every one of us ~ is a missing link for adequate education, communication, health & wellness, recovery and prevention.

Knowing "The Still, Soft Voice" has become a requirement for healing a multitude of ego-caused complexes, and overcoming the narcissistic distortions of our times.

Given the present state of consciousness, there is clear and present danger with a concomitant critical need for a basic understanding of our psyche in depth. A slightly more oblique situation has morphed into a blatant critical mass worldwide.

The good news is, anyone with a desire to reach his or her Inner core can now do so. As shown in this series of twenty-four, a voice of reason, sanity even wisdom is a reality & reachable within everyone. Each person in touch with inner essence gains insight & joyful healing.

A continuing question however is how to make known this psycho-social reality in a timely-enough manner for those who seek understanding, for those who don't, for those who brazenly oppose it, and for those precious few people who embrace it already. How do we reach out to thinkers and thought-leaders in far-flung societies, regions and cultures?

Yet we can now all enjoy elegant ideas born of the inner core, as evidenced by clarity, creativity and with cutting-edge practical solutions. The Still, Soft Voice first emerged in early 1989 and comes to fruition today.

Dr. Brickman is a graduate of University of Chicago, Rockford University, and the National College of Naprapathic Medicine. Born in Sacramento Cal, he grew up in Staten Island NY, Fort Knox Ky, Europe and the Midwest, USA.

Today is the day to act, to open doors, to take massive & positive action in behalf of The Still, Soft Voice. Let us develop our laser focus, act individually & together. Let's do it today.


The SSV became a Best-Seller ~
Kindle mid-June, "The Still Soft Voice"
#1 Religion & Spirituality > Mysticism
#2 Nonfiction > Self-Help > Spirituality
#3 Nonfiction > Self-Help > Happiness

Despite our present world-wide pathos, it appears Dr. Cliff has maintained his sense of humor and clarity as played out & discussed in his forth-coming new book, "Are We Stupid?"


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