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Mike is different to other children. He has a very-slightly-older twin sister, Layla, and a beloved father who is fantastically fanatical about trains. Without anyone to look after Dad -- terribly lonely and struggling to find enough money to get them by -- Mike knows he has to do something about it. Join this warm and humours family tale that has many detours and stop-offs along its journey - - - More
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About L. P. Donnelli

L. P. Donnelli is a children's author. He was published at the age of 12 for a national angling magazine and later won short story awards at school and University, and has published two children's books: --Back-on-Track-- and Dead Diary.

He has been in the top 15 Best Sellers List on Amazon, both in the US and the UK, for Humorous Children's Literature and has been in the top 1% of the Amazon Bestsellers ranking for all Kindle books availble on Amazon.com.

He lives with his super partner, his lovely Chinese/German/Mexican dog, two geckos (one extremely squeaky), and his Russian wandering tortoise. He leads a boring double life of legal and financial work when he unfortunately cannot write. He drinks far too much coconut water and loves writing different types of books, and is currently working on a fantasy and YA book along with other children's stories.

For anyone who enjoys his books, he is a massively grateful for all those who leave reviews.


Review by: JSmarter on March 2, 2015 :
“Back-on-Track”, is a treat for lovers of an easy but compelling read. I had initially bought the book for my son, but I ended up the one reading it over and over. I guess he heard about Mike’s story from the other children in school.
I was particularly moved by the love and care that the children have for their dad. The children’s names were Mike and Layla. Despite the fact these kids were twins; they still looked a contrast of each other in so many ways. In a nutshell, “Back-on-Track” is a moving story that rotates around a family of three-the father and the twins. The mother conspicuously misses in the picture. As a result of this, the dad is left dejected and lonely: something he really hates. This and the fact that he can’t find a full-time job, sets the children to do the unthinkable to make things right. They decide to look for a partner for their dad. I particularly liked the part they posted their father’s details on one of the dating sites.
It should however, not be lost to the reader that despite the odds, the dad is a fun-loving person who loves model trains, children and hugging.
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Review by: AlexPierce88 on March 2, 2015 :
Although I am not usually a fan of children’s books, I enjoyed Donnelli’s “Back-to-Track” very much. The author uses delicate epithets to describe family love, and he makes it easy for the reader to identify with the protagonist. The book is an expression of compassion, love, and even humor. I was thrilled to read about Mike and Layla’s mother, and I was touched by their attempts to lose the void left in their family after her death.
I am not used to reading such heart-wrenching books, but I must say that the story grabbed my attention from the very first pages. The author emphasizes children’s emotions gracefully while depicting their family’s struggle to make ends meet. Mike and Layla’s intentions are heart warming, while their dad’s massive love for trains will entertain the reader from the beginning right to the end.
It is no doubt that Back-on-Track is a great addition to everyone’s library. It is one of the few books I would enjoy to read again and again, which actually made me recommend it to my dearest friend right away.
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Review by: gmaxie on March 2, 2015 :
For the last 4 years I've read stories to my children before bed every school night. We do this for multiple reasons that primarily include making good memories for them when they get older. The books we pick are principally based on their personal likes but I decided this one might be of interest to them. I'm glad to say that I was quite correct.

Little Mike and his sister Layla were wholesome kids who just wanted to see their father happy. The endearing and often humorous story showed, through the eyes of these kids, the power of love that they can hold for a parent. Even when the Father was struggling with work and relationships the twins would try their best to do what they felt was right. My children were always giggling at the antics of the two protagonists. There was one scene in particular where they attempted to match their father to a particular female. I won't give the scene away but it was a great illustration of the funny things these kids do. There are many other examples that will keep you smiling and laughing throughout as well. It's impressive how the author can balance serious themes with innocence, gravity and humor and still arrive at such a cohesive and balanced story.

This theme in the book made it fun for my own children; they couldn't wait for each new night to arrive so they could hear of the next thing that Mike and Layla were going to do or experience. I really appreciated that, especially because the story indirectly exposes the beauty of caring for others more than your own self. If you are looking for a book that can cross multiple age demographics while also being a delightful read, Back on Track is a wonderful addition to your personal library. The author tells the tale with a high grasp of English mechanics and grammar while also painting the pages with enchanting imagery. I look forward to revisiting this story once again soon. Given how much they loved this book, I'm sure that my kids are going to beg for a repeat any day now.
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Review by: Sahil Khurana on Feb. 4, 2015 :
If you love your parents, then you will be able to relate to the very essence of this fabulous book. The author has very delicately depicted the balance between love and family and how this love takes its own twists and turns during tough times.

The author narrates the story of Mike, his older twin sister Layla and their father, who owes his entire existence to his love for trains. As the father tries to find enough money to get them by, the story takes a turn as the kids try to lose the void left in their family after their mother’s death.

A heart wrenching book about children’s emotions and a family’s struggle to make ends meet. But this has certainly not stopped the author from expressing his desires through words. I’d say it’s a perfect addition to any person’s library and the book definitely will touch your heart, right till inside.
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Review by: Lovely James on Feb. 2, 2015 :
n this book, L.P Donnell tells a story of a family that is united by love. Even though they are going through the ups and downs of life, they are able to cope… it has a happy ending. It tells of a story that is personal and at the same time universal. A lovely story for children ages 11-17 years.
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Review by: Sangura on Feb. 2, 2015 :
Back-on-Track is a good read. My daughter and I enjoyed every bit of it. In fact, I wouldn’t mind reading to her over and over. It’s a touching story of a closely- knit family whose members are there for each other despite the odds. On the onset, one gets the feeling that everything is not just right—well, at least as far as the dad’s love goes. Here’s a father who’s unemployed and without anyone to love him except his two endearing children Mike and Layla—they are twins. The two kids try their best, to get their father to start to date again. Well, whatever comes after this, is what will glue you to the pages of this exciting story of love for the family. It’s a cleverly weaved story that talks of the gap left by the mum and the fact that the children are the ones to find ways to fill it. In a way, Mike feels that it’s his responsibility to make things right because of what happened ten years ago.
The humour in this book is infectious. The father is a fun loving person who loves trains. Maybe that’s the reason the kids love him that much.
I am on my second reading.
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Review by: tinkertrain on Jan. 10, 2015 :
I loved this book! The story was endearing and playful, but tinged with real world themes, embodied with their father who is unemployed and single. His two kids, Mike and Layla try to get him hooked up, but it ends up doing more than they bargained for. A great story with lessons of love, family, and always doing your best. Wonderful book!
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