Eternal Eden

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A pair of star-crossed lovers fight for their love and lives when they wind up in the middle of a secret world filled with ancient beings and secrets. More
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About Nicole Williams

Hearing you had a higher likelihood of being attacked by a komodo dragon (*slight* exaggeration) than making it as a writer, Nicole Williams decided to major in Economics at Whitworth University where she went on to have a "respectable" career in the land of the super-starched white collars. Fast forward to marriage, a baby, and the scintillating life of a stay-at-home-mom, she dusted off her laptop one summer night and churned out a 500 page first draft in eight weeks. The result was a messy house--to put it generously--dinners that were either delivered or microwaved, and Eternal Eden.

A twenty-five year work in progress since her "debut" novel about a circus at the age of three (dictated to her dad who was forward-thinking enough to see a writer-in-the-making), Nicole has finally fulfilled a lifelong goal of publishing a novel, although she's left behind tales of the red and white striped big-top for the juicy, page-turning drama of the YA genre.

In between date nights, play dates, story hours, and attempting (and regularly failing) to channel her inner June Cleaver, she spends her free time writing into the wee hours of the night and *trying* to live by the motto, you miss all the shots you don't take.

Nicole loves hearing from her readers. You can contact her at

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Dylanne Enough reviewed on July 12, 2016

three words: PERFECT LOVE STORY!
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Skaistė reviewed on June 5, 2013

This was a wonderful story. It was fun and intense, it even made me laugh sometimes. It was sweet and bittersweet, sometimes it was sad. There was love and feelings, there were dangers, action and tension. This story easily took place in my heart and I loved it from the first page to the last. I enjoyed my read and I'm eager to know the rest of the story.
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Brad Mann reviewed on Sep. 13, 2012

Your a very good writer Nicole. The bbok flows very well. I felt close to your characters. I aslo like the imortal part not being tied to vamps for a change. Good job, thanks for sharing.
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Bree reviewed on April 26, 2011
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There's an increasing trend in the YA market on star crossed lovers, and Eternal Eden adds her own version of that into the mix.

Eternal Eden was a gorgeous, sappy yet satisfying and extremely addicting love story. With a Romeo and Juliet taste, and a star crossed lover's theme, this book was just plain wonderful.

I've been rather restless with books these few days. I would be reading one book, then my attention wonders off the book and into something else. This book captured my attention from the very first page, and held it until long after the last page, hours after the lights were out.

The characters were well written, and each one had their unique voice to the story. From determined, protective William to business like, proper John and drool worthy, mischievous Patrick, there was a whole range of personalities, yet they all worked together. Bryn was sweet, shy, and at some points, irritatingly modest. She captures everyone's attention, yet is so shy and insecure that she can't see what all the fuss is about.

The emotional parts of this book were much like a rollercoaster with it's happy and sad parts.I did spend a good part of my reading time laughing or crying over the pages, though I feel that maybe the transitions through the scenes could've been smoother.

I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what kind of paranormal being this book has between the pages, as that was definitely a unseen, and pretty uncommon surprise. I did have a hard time understanding all the rules and concepts to do with the paranormal beings, and the rules could get kind of confusing at times, especially inside the classroom.

Nevertheless, this book was totally gush worthy and amazing. It was a sweet, romantic, and captivating read. Ms. Williams' story presented us with another idea of what happens when people passed away. Her story flows smoothly across the pages, and creates a in depth, brilliant new world for readers to explore.

Although some less smooth parts of the book, and some of the confusing rules dragged down my rating a bit, this was one of my best reads in 2011 so far. It's definitely a good read, and I'd recommended it to everyone. Romance, the paranormal, adventure... what's there not to like?
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
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