The Other Side of Eve

An enchanting narrative that shares two grand and abstract tales as one singular journey.
A premonition is forewarned. Now it’s a race against time for young Evelin to find solace and peace within herself before her anxieties bring eternal darkness into her life and manifest as tyranny and terror, in the metaphysical realm of Princess Belleny Vera's Mare-Marie. More

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About Paul Ikin

In his book, The Other Side of Eve, Ikin approaches the subconscious habits and anxious thought processing mind, as he and others have endured, in an abstract fantasy that follows the lives of two troubled teenagers. Intertwined chapters follow the anxious Evelin Boots and the housebound Belly Vera as they struggle to find peace and tranquillity within their own minds, let alone their own worlds.

As a qualified Illustrator, Ikin lets his creative mind free in Belleny’s world of Mare-Marie and from experience he brings a abstract reality that we can all assimilate to, if only in our dreams. Ikin has had the opportunity to not only write but drew over eighty chapter illustrations which show us a glimpse into his own vision of The Other Side of Eve and it’s weird and wonderful characters.

When a writer can write for others, and take them away to a place where they are not alone, they have done their job.
If you choose to follow Eve to the other side, you have taken the right path.

Ikin is a current member of Writer’s Victoria and spends a great deal of time creating art & concepting narratives within the cosy confines of his Melbourne city art studio. As an emerging author, his fervent first novel is quite an achievement.

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