Slow Burn (Book 1 of the Fitzgerald Family)

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Ashley Fitzgerald lost her parents in a freak fire, blocked the memory of the incident and has done her best to move on.

Ron Noble's father is believed to have started that fire. Now there is evidence that can clear his name, and Ron needs Ashley's help.

The two must deal with the attraction between them as they race against time to find answers and stop an arsonist from killing again. More
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About E. B. Walters

Ednah B Walters is a multi-published author of four different series: She writes contemporary romance under E. B. Walters. The Fitzgerald Family series started with SLOW BURN. There are six books in this series. She has a new series, Infinitus Billionaire. Impulse (book 1) was published in January 2015. Indulge (book 2) will be released in the fall.

She's also the author of the bestselling YA Paranormal romance series, RUNES-YA Paranormal romance and THE GUARDIAN LEGACY-YA fantasy series

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Ashley Fitzgerald lost her parents in a fire, blocked the memory and has tried to move on. Ron Noble's father is rumored to have started the fire, but now he's getting clues that his father was innocent. Ron must convince Ashley to work with him to uncover the truth before an arsonist strikes again.

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Reviews of Slow Burn (Book 1 of the Fitzgerald Family) by E. B. Walters

Abdel zilpha reviewed on May 31, 2017

Captivating book.
(review of free book)
Novelholic reviewed on July 7, 2014

Great read! I hav enjoyed every second of it.
(review of free book)
Maureen Hoar reviewed on Sep. 25, 2011

I loved reading this book! A story of fate bringing two people together to search for the truth. While finding a way to trush one another, they fall in love. The strenght of that love is tested over and over again. Between Ron's mother and other characters thwarting their every move, it seems their fate is doomed. I truly fell in love with the book. I plan to read it again!
(reviewed 6 months after purchase)
Toni Steiner reviewed on July 22, 2011

I’m giving “Slow Burn” 4.5 Stars.

A tragic incident from the past brings two people together. One wants to find out the truth from that night and the other wants to move on and forget the ghosts of the past. Neither asked for the circumstances that shaped their lives, but both will persevere and become stronger because of it.

Ashley Fitzgerald has a large loving family, but she is alone. She lost her parents in an awful fire a decade ago. She is only able to remember fragments of that night. It has haunted her for too long and she wants to move on, but is unable to. Her plan is to buy the property where her parents died and totally demolish the house, the memories and the pain.

Ron Noble does not believe his father started the fire that killed him and Ashley’s parents. Ron has never really believed it. Now he is getting messages for him to investigate the fire. There are secrets buried and he is determined to find out what really happened the night his father died. Ashley’s name is mentioned in one of the notes and he is determined to find out what she knows.

A mystery waiting to be solved a decade later brings these two people together. There is people out there that will do anything to keep the secrets buried. Ashley and Ron must work together to stay alive and to find the truth. People involved from that night are dying and Ashley and Ron are running out of time.

“Slow Burn” is a great mystery. Sad circumstances bring these two heartbroken people together. While working side by side, they discover that they have more in common than just that night. Passion ignites hotter than the fire that ruined their lives. If they are not careful, they will get burned by the secrets of the past.

I truly enjoyed “Slow Burn”. I’m normally not a big mystery fan, but the action and the romance kept me interested. Ms. Walters wrote amazing characters that kept me captivated and I just couldn’t tear myself away from them. “Slow Burn” was a real page turner for me and I can’t wait to read more about the amazing Fitzgerald family.
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)
SONIA MENGONI reviewed on June 7, 2011

I enjoyed this book very much.
(reviewed 27 days after purchase)
Jessica E. Subject reviewed on May 21, 2011

Ten years ago, Ashley's parents and Ron's father died in the same fire. It was not the event that brought them together, but anonymous letters suggesting the fire was not an accident. The two must now work together to find the truth. Sparks ignite between them, but information revealed in their search may tear them apart forever.

Slow Burn is anything but slow. Whether the characters are fighting for their lives or fighting to get each other's clothes off, the pages are filled with action. The emotional intensity is great as well. I never wanted to put the book down.

Slow Burn is heart-thumping, heart-wrenching and heart-stopping. I look forward to more from E.B. Walters.
(reviewed 40 days after purchase)
katrina whittaker reviewed on April 19, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Demented Arsonist – Talented Artist – Firefighter who wants the truth exposed- will the truth find its way, or will they find themselves buried with it?

Ashley Fitzgerald witnessed the death of her parents in a tragic fire on her 15th birthday, for ten years she has blocked all memory of that horrid night. Ashley has chosen to move on with life, paint to her hearts desire, photograph what she loves and deal with the nightmares that hold the truth.

Ashley is a successful artist-photographer, living her life with no added complications until one morning her male model turns up at her door and she asks him to strip to his briefs, ready for a session, when he informs her that he is not who she thinks he is. He is indeed the son of the man who died saving her from the fire in Calyle house 10 years prior. Ron Noble. Ron believes the fire may have been deliberately lit; Ashley just wants to move on, she has accepted what has happened.

Did someone kill Ashley’s parents? Was the fire set deliberately?

Ron wants to expose the truth, and he needs Ashley on his side, to do so.

Ron Noble wants to find out what happened that dreaded night. Ashley understands his pain they both lost loved ones, feeling drawn to Ron not only for his charming ways, but feels maybe it is time to find out the truth... Ashley agrees to help Ron, the electricity between them is sizzling, they both feel it, but as secrets are unraveled, mysteries divulged, they find themselves in a whirlwind of turns and twists they could never have imagined. People on the list are getting killed, the toll is getting higher and more is at stake that then could ever have imagined. It’s left up to Ashley to remember details of the accident something that will change her life forever.


I must say this romantic thriller, was filled with twists and turns at every corner. I was intrigued from beginning to end with this read, and at one stage I felt like a crazed reader, flickering through 100 miles per hour just to find out whom, what, where and why!!!

A suspenseful thriller- romance that will leave you bewildered, guessing and wandering who the killer was, and why. An unpredictable plot by any means, suspense that will leave you gasping, unexpected events that will bring tears to your eyes; make you fume at events that take place, and also making the plot both intriguing and memorable. Chapters flowed smoothly, the plot was fast paced, and kept the reader interested throughout from beginning to end. I felt not a thing was missed or rushed...

Slow burn was filled with luscious sensual love scenes, that not only with have your toes curling, eyelashes fluttering, but your heart racing like a bird in flight. Moments where you will find yourself grinning with amusement at the funny antics between the characters, and moments where you heart is being played like a marionette and scenes where you want to just jump into the book.

The main characters were well developed, Ron – was charming and flirtatious, cocky, and hot to trot, a rich businessman, and every womans ideal dream boat - yet also has his own vunerabilites, this showed the reader he was not that perfect hot firefighter- playboy and that he also had issues he had to deal with. Loving and caring and sexy an idealistic hero for all. A tortured soul to a certain extent.

Ashley was hot headed and independent, caring and considerate, but also I enjoyed her straight forward character, she liked the truth and believed to give it at all costs. She was passionate about her work and the ones she loved, determined to do what it took to keep the ones she loved out of danger.

The blazing attraction between Ron and Ashley was mesmerizing, tantalizing and passionate. Sex scenes were sensual and loving, electrifying- if you make call it, yet at times also dreamy and transient. Their love was portrayed, tastefully and emotionally giving a good insight to their feelings. Both the good and the bad moments. The descriptions in this story were Fluent, expressive and rhythmic well above defined, there is nothing quite like reading a book and being able to envisage scenery, scents and smells. I am one for great descriptions and this book does not disappoint.

Secondary characters all blended in well, nothing missed out and even the villains were portrayed as noxious, and demented. Definitely incalculable. Making you dislike the character. The other characters, loyal and faithful, and heartfelt. I enjoyed all the characters in Slow Burn, each and every one unique and necessary for the plot to unwind.

Overall, I must say, I had Goosebumps by the end, Held my breath and hoped for the best …. I am a dramatic reader, but you know when you have read a good book when it pulls at your emotions and when the end is done … you sigh! And breathe… I’m sure I held my breath last few chapters..
A capricious read !!!! I’m sure you will enjoy.

Look forward to reading more of the Fitzgerald series.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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