10 Steps to a New You

The 10 Little Known Steps to Lose Weight in 60 days or Less & Keep it Off Forever - Without Dieting More
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About Susie Ellis

I am Susie Ellis, mother of four, a business & lifestyle coach & a qualified hypnotherapist. Over the years I have become increasingly interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle & avoiding pharmaceuticals.

I am motivated by the fact that most people are unaware that their health is in their hands, that we are being sold to by the media... we do have a choice: & that is another website under construction

Having had a lifelong interest in food & its affects on health; plus one of my children being cured of 'hyperactivity syndrome' by dietary changes, I have been encouraged to learn the truth, help others & share my vision with the world.

Whether it is your business needing a boost or just 'new eyes' or your lifestyle needing an overhaul do get in touch... I have many strategies available & I know can help you.

p.s. this book is available in kindle format on Amazon :)

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